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Mysterious Upcoming Adventure ‘Barmark’ Gets a New Trailer

Way back in January a teaser trailer for a mysterious upcoming game called Barmark caught our attention, mostly because it was so… mysterious. Billed as an adventure game with “no goals, no points and no death," the teaser for Barmark featured a really interesting art style and atmospheric soundtrack. While it looked and sounded cool, it was still really unclear what the heck you did in Barmark, but today developer Stormhatt Studios looks to address those questions in the game’s latest trailer. The core of the game focuses on “grand machines" which can be turned on by the player and will alter the game’s environments in different ways, which in turn can alter the behavior of the “Archanimals" in the game.

Complementing this new trailer is an animated handbook Stormhatt created for Barmark detailing a few more of the mechanics in the game, like the ability to plant flora to create more personalized environments and how combining the functions of the grand machines will create different effects in the world. It all still sounds really mysterious, but still really intriguing. Barmark is said to be releasing in “the coming weeks" so it shouldn’t be too much longer until we can actually dive into a finished version and see exactly what it’s all about.