The TouchArcade Show – 160 – Post-WWDC Post-E3 Reunion Spectacular

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143449_largerWith us back from E3, the duo is now a trio again with the addition of Mike Meade who has three weeks worth of pent up wrestling chat to get out of his system. Oh, and new iOS games too. We debate how to pronounce VVVVVV, try to compare games to Flappy Bird, and get on a weird tangent about how expectations increase exponentially as production values of an iOS game increase. From there we move on to the hot news of the week, and then discuss our predictions for the Money In The Bank Pay Per View.

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  • VVVVVV ($2.99)
  • A Dark Room ($1.99)
  • Godfire ($2.99)
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction (Free)
  • Jupiter Jump (Free)
  • Angry Henty And The Escape From The Helicopter Lords: Part 17: The Re-Reconing (Free)


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