‘KeroBlaster’ Prequel and Free Version ‘Pink Hour’ Released to App Store

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Cave Story creator Studio Pixel last month released KeroBlaster ($5.99) on to the App Store, and we absolutely loved it in our review. Now, there’s a new free version worth checking out: Pink Hour. (Free). This serves as both a demo of the full game and as additional content: the star of the game is Pink, one of the office workers at the Cat and Frog office from the full game, who must retrieve an important document. This involves playing through a level that incorporates various elements of KeroBlaster‘s worlds, including the giant tire of death.

Pink Hour

The game is described as “for beginners," but it involves making it through a level with only three lives and no checkpoint if lives run out. Good luck. There’s also an unlockable Hard mode after you’ve beaten the game once, and there’s even two different endings depending on if you can hang on to the game’s “important document" or not during the boss battle. This is a great way to check out what KeroBlaster is about – or just to get a new level of the game to play.

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