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11-bit Studios Goes on the Defensive with Upcoming ‘Anomaly Defenders’

anomalydefenderslogo11-bit Studios made their mark on the App Store back in 2011 with Anomaly Warzone Earth, a gorgeous strategy game that took the tired tower defense genre and spun it on its ear by putting you in the shoes of the creeps rather than the one controlling the towers. Thus, the tower offense genre was born. They kept the tower offense train rolling the following year with Anomaly Korea, which felt mostly like an expansion of the original game, followed by Anomaly 2 last October, which was a full-blown sequel.

Now 11-bit has announced the latest game in the series, Anomaly Defenders, and this time around they’re flipping the script back to a traditional tower defense game. The humans have fought back against the alien invasions on Earth, sending them scrambling back to their home planet. Not satisfied, the humans go after the aliens to their home planet, and in Anomaly Defenders you’ll be playing as those aliens as you defend against the attack of the humans.

Whether it’s tower offense, tower defense, or even some other genre of gaming, I’m confident that 11-bit Studios will make it a great experience. I actually love the premise of Anomaly Defenders, how you’re now playing as the alien race and must defend your home planet. It’s such an awesome twist on the series. No firm release date has been announced for Anomaly Defenders, but it’s “coming soon" so we’ll give you the heads up when more information is revealed.

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