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Pop-up Book Adventure ‘Tengami’ Launching this Week for $4.99

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It’s been a long time coming, but the beautiful pop-up book adventure game Tengami is finally finished and will be launching this week. Developer Nyamyam had already been hard at work on Tengami for quite some time when we first posted about it in August of 2012, and they were almost positive the game would release before the end of 2013 when they posted an update to their blog a year later. However, this past December Nyamyam had to make the tough decision to delay Tangemi into early 2014 to ensure it met their high standards. Hey, with a game as awesome looking as Tengami, I’d rather they didn’t rush it.

Tengami will launch as a Universal app at the $4.99 price point. It’s scheduled for release this Thursday, which likely means it will “pop up" in the US App Store on Wednesday night around 11pm EST along with the rest of the week’s scheduled releases. We really can’t wait to dive into the finished product, so get your adventure hat on and drop by the discussion thread in our forums as we await the arrival of Tengami later this week.

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