Highly Anticipated ‘Battleheart’-like ‘Pokemon’-ish ‘Team Monster’ Finally Released

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It’s been over a year since we first heard about Dancing Anchovy’s Team Monster (Free). In fact, seeing an early version of that game was one of the best things to come out of a trip to Korea. (Aside from authentic Korean BBQ and soju that goes all night, of course.) The game is a combination of a lot of things we really like, with Battleheart ($2.99) style combat and you’ll build your party out of collected monsters that you’ll come across in a vaguely Pokemon-ish mechanic.

The developers originally were billing the game as a “social MMO," and we’re excited to get deeper into this game that we were so stoked for way back when. It sailing under the Mobage flag for its foray into the treacherous seas of the App Store doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when it comes to how this free to play game is likely monetized, but, it still seems worth checking out- It was among our top ten most anticipated games last year, after all.

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