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Upcoming Action RPG ‘Team Monster’ Looks Promising

Korean-based developer Dancing Anchovy (yes that is their awesome name) recently released a trailer for their upcoming iOS title Team Monster, and we thought it was looking pretty darn good. Team Monster is an action RPG with similar mechanics and style to Mika Mobile’s fantastic Battleheart ($2.99) and with a hint of monster collecting a la Pokemon. The twist is that Team Monster is supposed to have deep social integration, even so far as the developer refers to it as a “social MMO."

I’ve got to say I love the look of Team Monster from the trailer, but I always get a slightly uneasy feeling whenever heavy emphasis is put on social integration. Typically it’s either non-intrusive and can actually add to the overall experience or it’s completely tacked on and unnecessary. There’s not much middle ground. At any rate, I’m excited to see how the final product turns out. Release is said to be in the “near future" so look for more on Team Monster as the news becomes available.