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‘Godfire: Rise of Prometheus’ Gets a Trailer

A few weeks back, Vivid Games announced their latest upcoming iOS release to follow up last year’s well-received boxing title Real Boxing (Free). It’s called Godfire: Rise of Prometheus and it’s a 3rd-person action adventure based around Greek Mythology and featuring gameplay that looks somewhat similar to Infinity Blade. At least, that’s my guess. A just-released trailer for Godfire teases what the game looks like in motion, but doesn’t really divulge any specifics as to the gameplay.

Even with just this brief glimpse of Godfire, it’s looking pretty promising, especially those massive enemies. The game is slated for an early 2014 release, so it’s still a ways off, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more details surface over the coming months. It also promises to be released as a “premium" title, though in this day and age of the App Store that could mean just about anything in terms of pay model. We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime stop by the forums to voice your own opinion on how Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is shaping up.