PlayStation Vita TV Is Another Set Top Box That Does What We Wish the Apple TV Did

Especially on our podcast, the “What if’s" of Apple disrupting the game console market with games and apps on the Apple TV the same way they’ve taken over the smartphone scene is discussed on the reg’… But, it’s always in a “That’d be really neat" context where no one is ever really sure if it’s ever going to happen. Unintentionally or not, it’d seem that Sony has fired some shots across Apple’s proverbial bow with the PlayStation Vita TV. Check out the just-released trailer:

In essence, it’s a Vita with no screen, plugged in to your TV, that can play all the Vita games and do all sorts of other magical stuff inside of the PlayStation ecosystem. It’s actually sort of crazy just how much this tiny console represents what we’ve been talking about what we want out of the Apple TV, so much so that it’ll be interesting to see how and if Apple responds.

Initially launching in Japan at the same $100 price point of the Apple TV, plans for the device in other regions of the world seem mysterious at best right now. Either way, this is going to be one hell of an interesting console cycle coming up- Especially with devices like these in the wild.