The TouchArcade Show – 72 – Vaguely Related to Anthony Burch and Aaron Linde

On this week’s episode of the TouchArcade Show, we talk about Borderlands and discuss the power of loot lust coupled with first-person shooting. Later, we manage to throw a minute or two to the latest, hottest, and best in iPhone and iPad. Burrito Bison kicks off our games segment. Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years and Payback 2 bring up the rear, opening up discussions about open-world design and predictability.

Of course, we also talk some news and get to your user feedback and questions.

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And here are your show notes:

Burrito Bison ($0.99) [TA Plays]
Payback 2 ($4.99) [TA Plays]
Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years (Free)
Re-Volt Classic ($5.99)

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