E3: OnLive iPad Client Approval is… Still in the Works

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Looking back at E3 last year we got a first look at the OnLive client for the iPad. It was an impressive demo, and a few months later OnLive was going full steam ahead with the launch of the app. They even went as far as to send me the actual Bluetooth controller and a build to play on my iPad, and I’d say it worked even better than the E3 demo, as my home WiFi was substantially more reliable.

What happened next was a little confusing, OnLive basically went dark on promoting the OnLive app. We weren’t able to get any substantial updates on the project, and it seemed like everything was in a massive holding pattern. Well, running into the OnLive guys again at E3 this year shed some light on the matter. It turns out they’re still hard at work on getting the app approved, and don’t show any signs of giving up on the project.

It’s not much of a surprise that Apple might have issues with the OnLive app, as it’s offering a complete platform that Apple doesn’t have control over, promotes a gamepad, and provides content purchased outside of the App Store ecosystem. So, here’s to keeping our fingers crossed to OnLive and Apple coming to some sort of middle ground to get the app out.

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