The TouchArcade Show – 07 – Captain America’s Shield Ricochets Off Thor’s Abs; Jared Gasps

This week in another splendid episode of TAS, we discuss a lot of different stuff. Puppies and big quads leads off the discussion, as Jared paints us a word picture of his visit to EA HQ in Redmond, CA. Later, we dive into the games he saw at the event and the news that broke during it, and we also find the time to talk about beards, F2P, rat infested trees, and the hottest games on our minds.

Captain America even rears his red, white, and blue head in a podcast that tends to go off the rails at the oddest of times.

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Need some show notes? We got your back. Below you’ll find all the relevant links to our discussion topics, including reviews to some of the games we talked about. Convenient!