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‘Shadowgun’ Gets A New Trailer, Android Support Confirmed

While I still have reservations about how a fleshed-out, retail build of Shadowgun will look on touch devices, it’s hard not to get excited about its potential. In another video that showcases its apparent visual splendor, creator Madfinger is also giving viewers a solid look at the action component of it, which appears to be ripping a page or two from Gears of Wars’ book. One can only hope that the writing is on par, too — if I don’t hear the words “ten sh*t loads," I’m out.



This is an E3 reveal, so of course there’s other news that goes along with it. At the event, Madfinger is announcing, officially, that the game will be coming to Android on devices that have a NVIDIA Tegra 2. In addition to being available on the Android Marketplace, it’ll also be sold on the Tegra Zone app.

In case you missed it in our previous post, Shadowgun tells the story of a muscled-up bounty hunter named John Slade. His mission, in the futuristic world of 2350, is to kill Dr. Edgar Simon, a geneticist who is hiding out in a fortress filled with monsters of his own design. It’s like The Island of Dr. Moreau, except with more guns and muscle!

If you’re wondering about iOS support, while the developers haven’t specifically mentioned which devices it will run on, they’ve gone ahead and posted a thread in our upcoming games forum.