‘Plants vs. Zombies’ And ‘Peggle’ Get Some Great Updates

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There are, I think, four people left on Earth who don’t own the following titles from PopCap Games: Plants vs. Zombies [$2.99 / HD] and Peggle [$2.99]. If you don’t, shame on you sirs. If you do already have them, here’s some good news — Peggle now supports the Retina Display and PVZ now has the Zen Garden. Both of these respective updates are available for free right now.

The news of the Peggle update broke yesterday afternoon, just about right when the update when live on the App Store. This update fixes, really, the only issue I had with the original game, which is to say, its muddy, out-dated visuals.

The Zen Garden is a different beast. It functions just like how it does in PVZ proper. It’s an interactive garden that gives you cash in return for your green thumbs. You earn plants in the campaign or by purchasing them from Crazy Dave. As you earn more cash, you’ll be able to unlock additional gardens, which in return, will give you more cash to buy all the high-priced action plants in PVZ.

New mini-games, as well as Game Center-linked achievements have been added to PVZ alongside the Zen Garden. That’s quite an update, eh?

UPDATE: Awesome typo, bro!

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