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E3 2011: Muteki Corportation – Hands-On with ‘Dragon Fantasy’, ‘Game Studio’, and the new ‘Jetpack Dragon’ Update

Believe it or not, E3 wasn’t all big name developers and publishers, even though the insane show floor would make most believe otherwise. No, actually, it turns out that there were quite a few indie developers around enjoying the sights and sounds that I was able to catch up with. The first of which was the guys from Muteki Corporation, who had a few really rad things to show off.

Dragon Fantasy – There’s already a thread in our upcoming games forum, but here’s the gist- Muteki, like most of us old school gamers grew up with all kinds of fantastic old school RPG’s. The battle system is basic, the graphics are pixelated, and the story is gloriously cliche… And that’s just the way we like it. Dragon Fantasy is an homage to these games of yore.

Give it a look:

Next up was Game Studio, a neat little utility that we got a semi-secret look at during GDC earlier this year. It’s in the same vein as Game Salad and other similar easy game creation suites, except this one exists entirely on the iPad. My favorite feature of it is the drag and drop game logic portion.

Check out this extensive walkthrough:

Last, but certainly not least, was a look at an impending update for Super Jetpack Dragon IV [Free / HD]. It shifts the gameplay style from an endless running kind of thing to a level-based platformer. It’s pretty neat, and more features and functionality in existing games is always welcome around here.

Take a look: