Ngmoco Activates “Special Offers” Option for ‘Eliminate Pro’ Power Cells

ELIMINATE_screenshot_07Ngmoco’s Eliminate Pro has become incredibly popular in the App Store, now sustaining the #1 spot in the Top Free apps. While we covered many details about the game’s energy system and strategies, one power-generating feature that we had described in our preview of the game had remained absent: marketing and promotional offers.

If, however, you’re not interested in paying for energy (or waiting the [240] minutes), you can alternatively complete marketing offers in-game to earn additional energy. This method of payment system has seen great success in Facebook games, and I will be very interested to see how it does in Eliminate. The various offers you can complete range from completing a simple survey to signing up for a Discover card, and will change over time.

Eliminate Pro launched without this option available, but it appears it’s still a possibility. Ngmoco has flipped the switch on the first offer which is pretty painless to complete. It simply requires you to install and launch Epic Pet Wars and when you return to Eliminate Pro, you will have 15 Power Cells.

With Ngmoco’s acquisition of the Epic Pet Wars developer, the reason for the cross promotion is obvious, but does pave the way for non-monetary ways to gain energy in Eliminate. While we haven’t heard an update on their plans, we expect they will eventually launch more traditional marketing offers beyond this simple cross promotion. But even so, if they stick with these sort of cross-download promotions, with hundreds of thousands of Eliminate Pro downloads a day, they certainly have a massive audience to leverage for their future games.

To take advantage of the offer, you must click on the Gear Up -> Get Energy -> Special Offers button in Eliminate Pro. Once you relaunch Eliminate Pro you still have to “use" the Power Cells to convert them into energy.

App Store Link: Eliminate Pro, Free