$0.99 Sales: Return to Mysterious Island, Galcon, Radio Flare, Mecho Wars

rtmi screen$0.99 seems to be where the action is in the App Store. A number of notable titles have dropped to $0.99 at least temporarily to boost sales and exposure. Most of the sales are temporary, so grab ’em while you can:

  • Return to Mysterious Island – A nice point and click adventure from Chillingo which was originally priced at $4.99
  • Galcon – A longtime favorite of ours, Galcon was one of the early iPhone games from way back in July. A real time strategy game that offers online multiplayer. Only $0.99 for a few days. Developer Phil Hassey has also posted updates to his community site and a peek at a future update.
  • Radio Flare – A nice musical shooter that was originally $4.99. The latest update adds tilt control and OpenFeint 2.0 integration.
  • Mecho Wars – This is Luc Bernard’s turn based strategy game that was originally priced at $4.99. It’s certainly worth $0.99 and more updates are on the way. See our previous review.