Free Lite Versions of SolarQuest and aMaze!

A couple of new Lite (free) versions of games have appeared in the App Store.

SolarQuest Lite [App Store] is a rather anemic one level version of SolarQuest. Regardless, the demo does provide you a feel for the gameplay for the full $2.99 version [App Store].

While we reviewed an early version of SolarQuest which played like a version of Snake, the developer has revamped the control system now making it an accelerometer based scroller.

The objective of the game remains simply dodging obstacles while pickup up bonus items.

Meanwhile, Simiotica has released a free Lite version of aMaze! [App Store], an accelerometer-based game very similar to Labyrinth [App Store].

The game involves tilting your iPhone to try to navigate a small ball through obstacles while avoiding the holes.

The Lite version contains 12 levels and serves as a demo for the $4.99 full version [App Store] which contains “more than 70 levels".

aMaze! does offer sound effects which has been a long requested feature of Labyrinth.

For Labyrinth fans and prospective buyers, the developers have told us that the next version of Labyrinth does support sound effects and is currently pending approval in the App Store. A YouTube video of new version of Labyrinth details its new features.