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GDC 2017 - The Annual Look at 'Drifter'

Checking out the massive space game Drifter has felt like a GDC tradition for years now, and this year we did what we always do: Met up to get a look at what's new and exciting in the game. It's particularly interesting, as we've been keeping up on its progress since 2012. Drifter is still in the works, and just like previous years, it's looking better than it did in 2016:..

GDC 2016: Massive Space Trader 'Drifter' is Still Looking Great, Should Release in 2016

It's become sort of a tradition that we check out Celsius Game Studio's upcoming space trader Drifter at GDC. That's a polite way of saying this game has been in the works for a really long time, but to be fair it's an absolutely massive game and is entirely the work of one programmer, one artist, and one composer. Drifter has been out on Steam Early Access for about 2 years and the feedback from players has been great, and Celsius just continues to plug away at the game in the hopes of finishing it off soon. Here's how Drifter is looking at this point in time...

GDC 2015: Open-World Space Trading Game 'Drifter' Still in the Works for iOS

Colin Walsh of Celsius Game Studios stopped by the Touch Arcade GDC war room to show off the latest version of Drifter, his long-in-development open-world space simulation game. The game has been in early access on Steam for a while now, but the game is still planned to release on iOS down the road, and he showed off the game running on an original iPad Mini. Check out the video here:..

GDC 2014: Another Look at 'Drifter'

Drifter is a game we've been looking at since GDC 2012, following a successful Kickstarter and Steam Green Light campaign, the game is closer than ever to being done. The developers are still solidly in "When it's done" mode, but they're thinking it'll be done later this year. With so much talk of the PC version, it's neat to see the iOS version actually running:..

GDC 2013: A Tour of 'Drifter' With Celsius Game Studios

Since we first saw it in person at GDC 2012, Drifter has been under heavy development by Celsius Game Studios. The sandbox space trading game is approaching the final months of its development and studio founder Colin Walsh stopped by to show us some of its sights...

Large-scale Space Combat and Trading Game 'Drifter' Gets a New Trailer

It's been a little over a year since Celsius Game Studios formally announced Drifter, an epic-scale space trading and combat game and a follow-up release to their fantastic 2010 space shooter Red Nova [$1.99], and our anticipation has been bubbling ever since. It's not just us, though, as Drifter has found itself amongst the Ten Most Anticipated Upcoming Games list which is based entirely off of how many of our readers have added the game to their Watch List in the TouchArcade app [Free]. In short, we all want this game!..

GDC 2012: Upcoming Space Trader 'Drifter' from Celsius

Today at GDC 2102 we sat down with Colin Walsh of Celsius Game Studios and took a look at his upcoming galactic space trading game Drifter...