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'XCOM: Enemy Within' Review - Killing Aliens? Check. With Huge Robots? Check. Instabuy? Check.

Sequels get a bad wrap. When you consider the benefits a prime iteration of a game or movie has going for it, its no wonder the follow up that lacks the initial reveal often disappoints. Luckily you don't have to worry about disappointment if you pick up 2k's XCOM: Enemy Within[$12.99]. Enemy Within has packed on a ton of features that dovetail seamlessly with it's successor. ..

One of the true App Store classics is Kairosoft's 2010 release of Game Dev Story [$4.99], which was pretty much just a simple port of a game that they originally released on PC in Japan in the late '90s. It wasn't the prettiest game, nor did it have any fancy features that took advantage of iOS's capabilities. What it did have was an unparalleled gaming experience that let you create your own fictional game company and release your own fictional games. The amount of tongue-in-cheek humor and video game cultural references was incredible, and the game itself was a very satisfying simulation. The game's popularity prompted Kairosoft to release a multitude of similar simulations for mobile devices, and while many of them are quite good there's really nothing that's topped Game Dev Story...

Prepare to Die Frequently in We.R.Play's Upcoming 'Hex:99'

Pakistan-based developer We.R.Play has a pretty nifty challenging "finite runner" game coming out this Wednesday, November 26th, called Hex:99. The goal is to navigate a ball moving at high speed through a series of obstacles, dragging horizontally to move around everything that gets in the way. The game travels at high speed through futuristic environments, with the goal being to try and reach the 1999 distance in one piece. Check out the trailer below:..

Angry Mob Games Reveals Their Next Game, 'Toysburg'

Angry Mob Games is working on their first original title since Muffin Knight [$0.99 / Free], an ambitious-looking game called Toysburg will be going into beta testing soon. Players will play as a toymaker with a special power: turning kids into the toys they want to play with. This feels like the kind of concept that could power a horror movie, but hey – it's a bit more whimsical here. The game's got a mission-based structure, where they'll explore the town of Toysburg, finding kids to help and helping to create new toys for them. But there's also an inspiration from sandbox games, where it's possible to use different parts to help build the different toys. Here's a 3 minute long preview:..

The fourth and final installment of Forge Reply's digital gamebook Joe Dever's Lone Wolf [$0.99] is now officially available for download, just as we learned it would be earlier this month. The new installment, titled Act 4 - Dawn Over V'taag, will run you $4.99 if purchased on its own, or if you've previously bought a Season Pass it will simply be available for download. Here is a trailer detailing the Dawn Over V'taag episode...

'Gunbrick' Officially Unveiled from 'Icebreaker' Developer Nitrome

If you've been paying close attention to developer Nitrome on social media and teh Interwebz, you've no doubt noticed that they've been teasing a new game for some time now. Over the past couple of weeks, they've released brief teaser trailers for the game, but nothing that actually gave away what type of game it was or what it was about. Not even a name. Well, that changes today as Nitrome has officially unveiled their new game as Gunbrick, and they've released a new trailer that actually shows the game itself in action...

Gamebook developer Cubus Games is only on their third swing at the genre, but they've already become a player worth paying attention to in that sphere. So far they've released the off-beat horror tale The Sinister Fairground [$2.99] and the crazy yet awesome sci-fi story Heavy Metal Thunder [$2.99], both bringing themes and unique writing styles that helped them stand out in an increasingly crowded field. Their newest game, Necklace Of Skulls [$2.99], is an adaptation of a 1993 book by veteran gamebook author Dave Morris, whose name you might recall from inkle's recent take on his book Down Among The Dead Men [$0.99]. It carries on the same strengths as Cubus's earlier releases, with an adventure through an exotic backdrop of Mayan mythology, relayed in captivating fashion by Mr. Morris's usual top-shelf writing...

A little more than a year ago, id Software updated two of their old iOS ports–Doom Classic and Rage HD– with 4-inch widescreen support and support for Apple's then-new iOS 7 software. Both games had quietly disappeared from the App Store at least a month prior to the updates, which was scary for me as I'm a massive fan of the Doom iOS port. I was delighted to see them return with updates, and hoped that id might see fit to update some of the other games in their iOS catalog...

'Crossy Road' Review - Watch Out for That Train!

What separates the great games from the good games? There's an intangible aspect of making a game feel fun to play that can be difficult to pin down when trying to describe it, and even more difficult for a developer to create. But when a developer nails it down, it's truly sublime. Crossy Road [Free] absolutely nails how a game should feel, which makes it endlessly replayable, and my current go-to pick-up-and-play game...

For whatever reason, there were quite a few games that didn't release in time for our weekly roundup. Some games simply released at an off time, and a lot are games that were previously soft-launched that are now available worldwide. So we figured hey, why not round them all up. We already covered the release of Sunburn! yesterday, a game I had been really looking forward to and I'm loving so far, but check out the list of other new games below. Also, if there's even more games that slipped by that aren't on this list or the one from Wednesday, feel free to list them in the comments below...

RPG Reload File 015 - 'Zenonia'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome back to the RPG Reload, our weekly quest to discover the nature of the demon found within our regrets. Each week, we dust off an RPG from the App Store's past to see how it holds up in the futuristic world of today. Whether it's revisiting an old favorite, reflecting on its place in time and space, or just digging in a bit deeper than our reviews typically allow for, this feature gives a chance to break away from the crazy march of releases for a brief second and enjoy a trip to simpler times. I do my best to cover a broad range of RPGs from week to week, but just to help keep things balanced, once per month the choice falls to you, the readers. Simply cast your vote in the comments below, pop into the Official RPG Reload Club thread on the forums, or fire off a tweet to @RPGReload to let me know what you want to see me play. The next reader's choice article will be RPG Reload File 017, which is coming up pretty quickly. There's still no clear winner yet, so get to voting! If you guys don't pick something, I'll just take the week off from writing the column and play old Super Famicom games instead. Don't make me do it!..

'Exiles: Far Colony' Trailer Released by Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games' next big self-developed title is Exiles: Far Colony, and it's expected to land later this year. The studio has been working on this game over the past year, an open-world action-RPG in the vein of something like Mass Effect meets Ravensword: Shadowlands [$6.99]. Players will be tasked with exploring an alien planet, discovering secrets witin the colony, and just doing general open-world shenanigans. Hop on an airbike and check out the landscape? Go for it. Want to see what's going on in some of the structures in the world? That's possible too. And there will be weird alien creatures to discover and defeat. Check out the new trailer for the game:..

Character action games are a genre that feels underrepresented on iOS, perhaps because they inherently rely on complex button combinations for combat that just don't translate very well to the touchscreen. Well, about a month ago, Ghost Blade [$4.99] launched on the App Store seemingly out of nowhere, and set a standard for how these types of games should be built for the touchscreen. Rather than rely on a set of virtual buttons, Ghost Blade uses intuitive touchscreen gestures for its combat mechanics, and it works incredibly well, creating a very satisfying experience. ..

First Trailer and Details Revealed for 'Need for Speed No Limits'

EA Mobile has just put out the first details and footage of the upcoming Need for Speed No Limits. We first heard about the game in conjunction with promotion for Ken Block's "Gymkhana Seven" which came out recently. Well, today we have the first concrete details on the game. The game is centered around street racing, with cops to avoid along the way. A trailer was released today, and it shows off a snippet of game footage – it could be lane-based like Asphalt Overdrive [Free], but that's unclear. Check the teaser below:..

Telltale and HBO Reveal First 'Game of Thrones' Trailer

I've just been increasingly impressed by the quality of the games that Telltale has been putting out lately. Walking Dead [Free] was a major turning point it felt like, as it was a definite departure from the good but distinctly janky games like Jurassic Park [$2.99 (HD)]. Walking Dead Season Two [Free] was fabulous, and The Wolf Among Us [Free] proved that Telltale could duplicate these incredible experiences with non-Walking Dead IP. So, that brings us to the Game of Thrones trailer:..

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