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Interactive Graphic Novel ‘Songs of Travel’ Launches on May 9th for Mobile From Causa Creations

Causa Creations just announced that its previously revealed interactive graphic novel Songs of Travel will launch on iOS and Android for on May 9th. Songs of Travel tells the story of five migrants finding their place in the world with each one having their own tale covering identity, home, hopes, dreams, and more. Songs of Travel will combine specific music and storytelling, and the new trailer continues to showcase the lovely aesthetic. There will be five main narratives included, and they are tied together by Jack Gutmann’s (co-developer on Path Out from Causa Creations) experiences according to the game’s announcement post. Watch the Songs of Travel release date trailer below:

As revealed with the game’s announcement, the main characters featured in Songs of Travel and their backgrounds are below:

  • Hasan, who came to Austria at the age of 1, when his mother moved there from Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Light, a non-binary Syrian refugee who arrives in Vienna after years of hardship and war in Syria and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Michele, the son of Francesco Cicora, an Italian coal miner who died in the great mining disaster of Marcinelle 1956 in Belgium.
  • Olya, a Ukrainian lawyer and a refugee who has had to flee twice: first when she left her home of Donetsk in 2014 and fled to Kyiv, and then when she fled from Ukraine once war erupted in 2022.
  • Vân, the daughter of a Vietnamese contract worker who grew up in East-Germany and who must deal with the duality of being Vietnamese-German.

While pre-orders are not live on the App Store for iOS yet, you can pre-register for Songs of Travel on Google Play for Android here. Songs of Travel launches for free on May 9th for iOS and Android. More platforms have not been revealed yet. I’m looking forward to playing it on when it launches. Check out the official Songs of Travel game website here. What do you think of Songs of Travel so far?