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We've been absolutely overwhelmed with GDC this week (as you can probably tell by the flood of content we've posted so far) but per TouchArcade tradition we're having our own party tonight at 7:00 PM in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Francisco. We're taking over the B55 Craft House which has been refreshed since last year and now has a dumb amount of beer on tap. Another neat thing about our party this year is that we're sponsored by Jam City so we have a limited number of free drink tickets to give out at the event... So come early. I've got no idea what turn out is going to be like, but, the fewer people the better as that means more drink tickets for everyone! (But, hey, if it's huge, that's cool too.)..

GDC 2018: An Updated Look at 'Flicky Marble' and 'Slam Mania' from Easy 8 Software

Flicky Marble and Slam Mania are two upcoming games from Pocket Boxing developer Easy 8 Software, and while they weren't on hand at GDC 2018 to show off these games themselves, good friend and frequent collaborator NorthernBytes Software of Suzy Cube fame was on hand to demo the latest versions of these games to me. We posted about Flicky Marble back in November, and it's a Marble Madness-inspired platformer with absolutely fantastic controls. Fans of speedruns will fall in love with the competitive aspects of this one, but it's also totally approachable from a more casual standpoint if you simply want to take your time and work through the levels in the game. We also posted about Slam Mania last November, and this too is an homage to a classic, an old wrestling game called Mat Mania. Again the controls are the star of the show here as they're incredibly easy to grasp but still allow for a good amount of depth. While no release dates are set for either game, Flicky Marble is likely to arrive first hopefully at some point this year with Slam Mania coming sometime after. Check out both games in action in our hands-on video from GDC...

GDC 2018: 'Realm Runners' Is the Next Mobile Title from the Game Director of 'Dragonvale'

Jonas Wills is about as O.G. as it gets when it comes to being a mobile developer. He got his start on the iOS platform with Team Phobic and the Bounce On series of platformer games. Later, he joined Backflip Studios and took on the role of game director for the (still) unbelievably popular Dragonvale [Free]. Jonas has since left Backflip and is back to being an indie developer, his first solo game is has the working title Realm Runners, take a look:..

GDC 2018: 'ThunderDogs' is a Slick Multiplayer Dogfighting Game from 'Beat Street' Developer Lucky Kat

Developer Lucky Kat makes some of my favorite mobile games, like Beat Street [Free], Sky Chasers [Free], and Combo Critters [Free]. So of course I was excited to see what they had to show off at GDC 2018. Especially because what I saw briefly from them during last year's GDC was a very early prototype of what ended up becoming Beat Street. This year, Lucky Kat was showing ThunderDogs, a top-down multiplayer dogfighting game. It's an ".io" game like or or really the any number of similar games that have flooded the market when that genre got popular a year or so ago. The difference here is that wonderful Lucky Kat polish, which is something a lot of these games lack. Even though this was a pretty early build, ThunderDogs should be soft-launching in the next month or two with a full launch planned for later this year. Check out our hands-on video...

GDC 2018: 'Astrologaster' is a Comedic Astrologist Game from the Makers of 'Tengami'

Tengami [$3.99] was a game that we followed intently during its development due to its unique pop-up book-style visuals, and when it finally released in early 2014 it earned plenty of accolades including our own positive review. Now developer Nyamyam is back with a new game that uses the same pop-up book engine as Tengami. It's called Astrologaster and it has you playing as controversial real life astrologer Simon Forman, who was an adviser to the stars in the 17th century. While Astrologaster is based on this real person and some of his actual work, the entire game is fiction and has a heavy British dark humor (humour?) slant similar to something like Blackadder or Horrible Histories. You'll help your clientele make important life decisions based on what the stars say, and that can either go really well or really poorly and those decisions will affect other events and characters throughout the story in a sort of Reigns-ish way. It's incredibly interesting and very funny, so check out our hands-on time with Astrologaster from GDC and look for the game to launch either late this year or in early 2019...

GDC 2018: 'Knight Quest' is a Clever Runner-Style Game Using the Rules of Chess

If you were paying much attention to our coverage of GDC last year, you might remember a really clever upcoming game from developer Golden Bite Games with the peculiar name Runnedrez. The name itself was a mashup of the word "runner" with the Spanish word for Chess, which is Ajedrez. As neat of an idea as that name is, it's also not the catchiest name in the world, especially for a mobile game. So Golden Bite solicited some new name ideas from members of our community and they landed on Knight Quest, which is a much better name in my opinion. They also completely overhauled the art style of the game, moving from the more drab 2D art that we saw in the build from last GDC into the much more colorful 3D art that you can see in our latest hands-on video below from this year's GDC. They're hoping to launch Knight Quest in the next couple of months so keep an eye out for it...

GDC 2018: An Updated Look at 'Pocket Quest' from 'Phoenix II' Developer Firi Games

The dynamic duo that is Firi Games is most well-known for their excellent shoot 'em up games Phoenix HD [Free] and Phoenix II [Free], but they've actually had another ambitious project in the works for quite a long time. It's called Pocket Quest and you may remember our own Shaun Musgrave checking it out during the Tokyo Game Show last year. Well quite a bit has changed since then, most notably a change from being a landscape-oriented game to a portrait-oriented one to facilitate one-handed play on the iPhone. Firi was hesitant to show off Pocket Quest here at GDC 2018 since we've already seen it in the past and in reality it's still quite a ways off, but I figure those who have had this on their radar will appreciate an updated look at the game and for anyone who missed it before then this is an opportunity to place it on their own radar. So without further ado check out the latest look at Pocket Quest and we'll continue keeping an eye on this one and will post more about it as its development continues...

GDC 2018: 'Spitkiss: Love Eternal' is a One-Thumb Precision Platformer with a Love Story

I absolutely love quirky game ideas and platforming games, so Spitkiss: Love Eternal from Danish developer Triple Topping Games is right up my alley. From their own description, "Spitkiss is a trippy story of boundless love, told through precision platforming. You play as the couple Y27 and B4, sending messages of love and hope back and forth the only way you can: precisely navigating spit through platforming stages." That's right boys and girls, these two are demonstrating love by spitting at each other. Neat! What's really cool about Spitkiss is its one-thumb controls that allow you to fling your character's spit around each level. With some very well done comic book-style cutscenes telling this strange story, Spitkiss seems like it has a lot of potential to be a winner. Triple Topping is shooting for a release in May which will have 80 levels to play through, and then in August they hope to release a level editor so you can create an infinite number of your own levels...

GDC 2018: Hands On with 'LevelHead', The Next Game from Butterscotch Shenanigans

If you've been curious what the heck the folks at Butterscotch Shenanigans have been up to since releasing Crashlands [$6.99] and teasing ScuffleBuddies so much... Today, we got our answer: A awesome spin on games like Super Mario Maker titled LevelHead. There's loads of potential here between all the level editing and sharing mechanics, all of which operate under the hood of a super tight platformer that's going to be totally cross-platform just like all of their games...

GDC 2018: 'Foodie Trucks' is a Shockingly In-Depth Food Truck Management Sim 8 Years in the Making

One of the neat things about the App Store and the indie explosion of the last ten years is that there are a ton of hobbyist developers who work on their dream game in the bits and pieces of spare time between their normal everyday lives. Shaun Peoples of Durham Games has been doing just that for the past eight years on a surprisingly deep food truck management sim called Foodie Trucks. Here you'll start from the bottom with a junker food truck and you'll create a menu from scratch and then go peddle it to hungry people around your city. The awesome thing about this game is just how deep it goes in terms of creating your business. You can trick out your truck in all sorts of ways, create dishes from scratch and even control things like the saltiness or sweetness levels depending on what's in demand by your customers, and more. And of course as you can see in this video you can customize your character quite a bit which led us to create an alien version of Eli. Look for Foodie Trucks to launch sometime this summer...

GDC 2018: 'What the Golf?' is the Hilariously Absurd Golfing Game for People Who Hate Golf

I know it's early in the week but I already might have found my favorite game of GDC 2018. It comes from Danish studio Triband who are currently working on the desktop game Keyboard Sports as well as a mobile and desktop game called What the Golf? Described as "The golf game for people who hate golf," What the Golf? employs the tried and true pull-back-to-release mechanic, but is only VERY loosely based on actual golf. You'll be launching all manner of silly items towards a flag placed in the hole, and lots of times there will be puzzle elements like one hole where you must launch a ball into a vehicle in order to nudge the vehicle into some explosive barrels that would have otherwise prevented you from reaching the flag stick. And sometimes you'll launch a house. Yeah, this game gets really weird. Check out our entertaining hands-on video from GDC 2018 and look for What the Golf? on iOS, Android, and Steam sometime this summer...

GDC 2018: A Look at 'Photographs', the Next Game from the Creator of '10000000'

When it comes to my all-time favorite iOS games, 10000000 [$2.99] and You Must Build a Boat [$2.99] are on any kind of short list I've ever create. I'm super curious to see how Photographs ends up doing, as it's very different from Eighty Eight Games' previous titles. I really dig the direction it takes, but, I'm sure the move away from the slide to match mechanic will be controversial either way. Check out our hands-on:..

GDC 2018: Crescent Moon Games is Behind a Mobile Port of the Steam Title 'Siegecraft Commander'

Early last year, Siegecraft Commander was released on Steam. If you've never played it, it's a tactical sort of base-building game which pits players against each other in huge online battles. In the mobile version, it's the same basic idea for the game, but everything has been redone to work with touch controls. Check it out:..

GDC 2018: Crescent Moon Games Takes on .io-Style Games with ''

It seems like in the last couple of years. .io-style games ( [Free], [Free] and similar) have taken over the App Store. If you've never played one, they're basically an MMO-ish game distilled down to its purest essence: Loads of players in one game, all competing against each other, usually with a fairly simple gameplay mechanic. Check out Crescent Moons' spin on this idea:..

GDC 2018: A First Look at the Next 'Ravensword' Game, 'Ravensword Legacy' by Crescent Moon Games

Ravensword is a game series that's practically legendary around here, with the most recent entry, Ravensword Shadowlands [$6.99]. Like the previous Ravensword games, we loved it in our review and loads of people are always chomping at the bit for what's next in the Ravensword-iverse. We got our answer today with Ravensword Legacy:..

GDC 2018: 'Pengi' by Crescent Moon Games Aims to Take 'Tiny Wings' Style Gameplay 3D

Tiny Wings [$2.99] hit the App Store around seven years ago now, as hard as that is to believe. We loved the game in our review, but there hasn't been a whole lot that's happened to that game since then aside from a few small updates. Crescent Moon Games is taking on the formula of building up momentum and jumping off hills, but doing it in a way that's behind the back 3D with cel shaded graphics. Check it out:..

GDC 2018: 'Pocket Cowboys' is a Neat Class-Based Multiplayer Strategy Game Coming this Summer

Here at GDC 2018 we sat down with Foxglove Studios, who you may remember from their previous releases The Muscle Hustle [Free] and the super popular Snipers vs Thieves [Free], who have partnered up with Triangle Studios on an upcoming project called Pocket Cowboys. This is a multiplayer focused hex-based strategy game featuring a bunch of different classes and a really cool card-based upgrade system. It's an ambitious project, and in fact the developers do such a great job going into the details of Pocket Cowboys I think I'll just let this roughly 10-minute demo video do all the talking. Look for this one sometime this summer...

GDC 2018: Another Look at 'Moon Raider' from Crescent Moon Games

Last year at GDC we got a look at Moon Raider which is a platformer by Cascadia Games and published by Crescent Moon. It's a retro platformer heavily inspired by games like Mega Man, which becomes crystal clear when you see things like the death animation. Give it a look:..

GDC 2018: Crescent Moon Takes on 'Blaster Master' with 'Deathchron'

Blaster Master is one of my all-time favorite games, so I don't take people invoking its name lightly. This GDC, Crescent Moon Josh did just that with their upcoming title Deathchron, a game that intentionally uses an NES art style and color palette while having gameplay that's highly reminiscent of Sunsoft's classic platformer / shooter / Metroidvania. Check out the hands-on video:..

GDC 2018: Hands-On with the Crescent Moon Games' Sequel 'Legend of the Skyfish 2'

Among the first meetings we had at GDC this year was Josh from Crescent Moon Games who had a ton of games to show off. The first is Legend of the Skyfish 2 which is (obviously) the sequel to Legend of the Skyfish [$3.99]. We really liked the original when we first reviewed it, as it was super cool how they effectively took hook shot puzzles from Zelda and turned it into a full game. Check out the sequel:..

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