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GDC 2018: 'What the Golf?' is the Hilariously Absurd Golfing Game for People Who Hate Golf

I know it's early in the week but I already might have found my favorite game of GDC 2018. It comes from Danish studio Triband who are currently working on the desktop game Keyboard Sports as well as a mobile and desktop game called What the Golf? Described as "The golf game for people who hate golf," What the Golf? employs the tried and true pull-back-to-release mechanic, but is only VERY loosely based on actual golf. You'll be launching all manner of silly items towards a flag placed in the hole, and lots of times there will be puzzle elements like one hole where you must launch a ball into a vehicle in order to nudge the vehicle into some explosive barrels that would have otherwise prevented you from reaching the flag stick. And sometimes you'll launch a house. Yeah, this game gets really weird. Check out our entertaining hands-on video from GDC 2018 and look for What the Golf? on iOS, Android, and Steam sometime this summer...

GDC 2018: A Look at 'Photographs', the Next Game from the Creator of '10000000'

When it comes to my all-time favorite iOS games, 10000000 [$2.99] and You Must Build a Boat [$2.99] are on any kind of short list I've ever create. I'm super curious to see how Photographs ends up doing, as it's very different from Eighty Eight Games' previous titles. I really dig the direction it takes, but, I'm sure the move away from the slide to match mechanic will be controversial either way. Check out our hands-on:..

GDC 2018: Crescent Moon Games is Behind a Mobile Port of the Steam Title 'Siegecraft Commander'

Early last year, Siegecraft Commander was released on Steam. If you've never played it, it's a tactical sort of base-building game which pits players against each other in huge online battles. In the mobile version, it's the same basic idea for the game, but everything has been redone to work with touch controls. Check it out:..

GDC 2018: Crescent Moon Games Takes on .io-Style Games with ''

It seems like in the last couple of years. .io-style games ( [Free], [Free] and similar) have taken over the App Store. If you've never played one, they're basically an MMO-ish game distilled down to its purest essence: Loads of players in one game, all competing against each other, usually with a fairly simple gameplay mechanic. Check out Crescent Moons' spin on this idea:..

GDC 2018: A First Look at the Next 'Ravensword' Game, 'Ravensword Legacy' by Crescent Moon Games

Ravensword is a game series that's practically legendary around here, with the most recent entry, Ravensword Shadowlands [$6.99]. Like the previous Ravensword games, we loved it in our review and loads of people are always chomping at the bit for what's next in the Ravensword-iverse. We got our answer today with Ravensword Legacy:..

GDC 2018: 'Pengi' by Crescent Moon Games Aims to Take 'Tiny Wings' Style Gameplay 3D

Tiny Wings [$2.99] hit the App Store around seven years ago now, as hard as that is to believe. We loved the game in our review, but there hasn't been a whole lot that's happened to that game since then aside from a few small updates. Crescent Moon Games is taking on the formula of building up momentum and jumping off hills, but doing it in a way that's behind the back 3D with cel shaded graphics. Check it out:..

GDC 2018: 'Pocket Cowboys' is a Neat Class-Based Multiplayer Strategy Game Coming this Summer

Here at GDC 2018 we sat down with Foxglove Studios, who you may remember from their previous releases The Muscle Hustle [Free] and the super popular Snipers vs Thieves [Free], who have partnered up with Triangle Studios on an upcoming project called Pocket Cowboys. This is a multiplayer focused hex-based strategy game featuring a bunch of different classes and a really cool card-based upgrade system. It's an ambitious project, and in fact the developers do such a great job going into the details of Pocket Cowboys I think I'll just let this roughly 10-minute demo video do all the talking. Look for this one sometime this summer...

GDC 2018: Another Look at 'Moon Raider' from Crescent Moon Games

Last year at GDC we got a look at Moon Raider which is a platformer by Cascadia Games and published by Crescent Moon. It's a retro platformer heavily inspired by games like Mega Man, which becomes crystal clear when you see things like the death animation. Give it a look:..

GDC 2018: Crescent Moon Takes on 'Blaster Master' with 'Deathchron'

Blaster Master is one of my all-time favorite games, so I don't take people invoking its name lightly. This GDC, Crescent Moon Josh did just that with their upcoming title Deathchron, a game that intentionally uses an NES art style and color palette while having gameplay that's highly reminiscent of Sunsoft's classic platformer / shooter / Metroidvania. Check out the hands-on video:..

GDC 2018: Hands-On with the Crescent Moon Games' Sequel 'Legend of the Skyfish 2'

Among the first meetings we had at GDC this year was Josh from Crescent Moon Games who had a ton of games to show off. The first is Legend of the Skyfish 2 which is (obviously) the sequel to Legend of the Skyfish [$3.99]. We really liked the original when we first reviewed it, as it was super cool how they effectively took hook shot puzzles from Zelda and turned it into a full game. Check out the sequel:..

GDC 2018: LemonChili Shows Off New 'Floyd's Sticker Squad' Content and Upcoming Release 'Tower Power'

We're just getting started at what will be a very busy week of GDC 2018 and one of the first developers we met up with is LemonChili Games. They had previously released Floyd's Sticker Squad [Free] back in the fall of last year under its original name Floyd's Sticker Jam, and it has proven quite popular with members of our forums. It's a Crossy Road-esque runner/shooter with colorful graphics and a really cool sticker collection mechanic. The stickers are so authentic they actually use the gyroscope of your mobile device to shimmer and sheen as if you were moving them around in real life. Today they showed off a bit of the game as well as their plans for a future update which will include new characters. Check it out...

Heads up indie developers! The Label (formerly known as IndiePlus) are closing submissions for their GDC Indie Showdown tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific time. The contest will award $12,500 in cash to the winner, $5,000 to the first runnerup, and then $2,500 to the second runnerup. The contest is only for indie studios, which The Label helpfully defines as "game teams of no more than 30 members who own at least 75% of the showcased game IP." That actually works out pretty well as a general indie developer definition! Also, for this contest, the games have to be playable on mobile devices, must not be launched worldwide, and must not have a signed publishing contract...

This year’s Indie Showdown has begun accepting submissions for games. If you aren’t aware, the Indie Showdown rewards select developers with cash prizes and a chance to showcase their work at GDC. The Indie Showdown also funds mobile games and recent winners include Broken Rules’ Old Man’s Journey [$4.99] and Untame’s Mushroom 11 [$4.99] from last year. Out of last year’s entrants, four have joined The Label. This year, The Label’s Indie Showdown Contest this year will offer cash prizes up to $12,500 for the grand prize. A few finalists from this year will also be able to showcase their work at San Francisco’s Game Developer’s Conference with a possible publishing deal in the future. ..

One of the cool things about GDC is that many if not all of the talks are recorded, and made available in the GDC Vault for those who attended. However, some talks are uploaded to the Vault for free, so that anyone can watch. And a talk that is particularly relevant here has been uploaded: Butterscotch Shenanigans talking about the development of Crashlands [$6.99], and in particular the cancer ordeal that Sam Coster went through while making the game. It's called a postmortem, which seems particularly ironic here because Sam Coster is still alive! You can watch it here...

GDC 2017 - The Annual Look at 'Drifter'

Checking out the massive space game Drifter has felt like a GDC tradition for years now, and this year we did what we always do: Met up to get a look at what's new and exciting in the game. It's particularly interesting, as we've been keeping up on its progress since 2012. Drifter is still in the works, and just like previous years, it's looking better than it did in 2016:..

Just when you think every variety of match three has been done before, a clever developer comes in to prove you're wrong. Massive Match twists the genre around by actually turning a match three into a multiplayer game where many people are matching on the same board, to hit different and quickly rotating objectives. The concept seems super rad, check it out in motion:..

GDC 2017 - 'The Big Journey' Reminds Me of 'Rolando'

Rolando was one of the first games on the App Store that really felt like it could only work on a device like the iPhone, but the game has been defunct for years, leaving a giant hole in my heart. The Big Journey by Armor Games is tickling me in just the right way, totally reminding me of a fresh and modern spin on the Rolando formula. It's even going to be a premium game...

GDC 2017 - 'Infinite Defence' Is a Neat Vertical Tower Defense Game

I'm always game for anyone trying to take a fresh spin on the tower defense formula, and the developers of Infinite Defence aim to do that by making the battlefield a vertically scrolling area which expands as the game goes on, making you really plan ahead with how you build your (eventually) totally open-field tower defense strategies. Check out the game in action:..

GDC 2017 - 'Art of Conquest' is Lilith Games' MMO/RTS Hybrid

Lilith Games is bringing an intereting idea forth to mobile with Art of Conquest. The concept is that it's a game where you're fighting to control a continent, supporting your faction that's one of seven constantly vying for control. But what's interesting about the game is how some of the systems work. You'll be navigating a map as a character, traveling to different locations to fortify bases and conquer new locales, as opposed to just tapping on different spots on a map. Then in battle, while units are controlled automatically, you lay out their formation ahead of time, with different hero units as well as troops that can be deployed. Then, in battle, you can utilize hero abilities to help turn the tide of battle. Check out some of the game in action:..

GDC 2017 - 'Don't Trip' Is Just What I Love About Mobile Games

One of my favorite thing about mobile gaming is indie developers who just come up with incredibly unique (and often super crazy) concepts which... just work. In Don't Trip, you walk using your fingers and rotating your phone. It's an incredibly clever way to use all the sensors inside of your iPhone to make a super silly game. Take a look: ..

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