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GDC 2016: Massive Space Trader 'Drifter' is Still Looking Great, Should Release in 2016

It's become sort of a tradition that we check out Celsius Game Studio's upcoming space trader Drifter at GDC. That's a polite way of saying this game has been in the works for a really long time, but to be fair it's an absolutely massive game and is entirely the work of one programmer, one artist, and one composer. Drifter has been out on Steam Early Access for about 2 years and the feedback from players has been great, and Celsius just continues to plug away at the game in the hopes of finishing it off soon. Here's how Drifter is looking at this point in time...

GDC 2016: 'Puzzlepops!' is a Candy-Based Puzzle Game that's Anything but Casual

Candy Crush and its mind-blowing success has spawned an endless see of candy-based games looking to grab even a tiny piece of that money-printing pie, and as such it's hard not to kind of dismiss any new puzzle games built around the theme of candy. In Puzzlepops!, an upcoming logic game from former designer at Halfbrick Layton Hawkes, the candy theme came out in a very organic way. The game's very first tutorial level is a simple puzzle introducing the mechanics to the player, and the resulting completed puzzle ended up looking like a lollipop. Despite Candy Crush indirectly deeming all candy-related puzzle games as casual fare, Puzzlepops! is an ingeniously designed logic game that will test your intelligence and skill in a way that matching candies never could...

GDC 2016: 'Exiles of Embermark' is Quick Battles and Deep RPG Elements Tailor Made for Mobile

Early last month we talked about Exiles of Embermark, an upcoming RPG battling game that aims to give mobile players satisfying combat in one minute sessions. The game is being developed by Gunslinger Studio, an offshoot of Industrial Toys, and they showed off an in-progress build at GDC this week which is looking fantastic. If everything comes together how they're planning it to, Exiles of Embermark could be a perfect way to get your combat and character progression fix while on the go...

GDC 2016: 'Midnight Star: Renegade' from Industrial Toys is Looking Great, Heading to Soft-Launch Soon

Last year's Midnight Star [Free] was a fun take on first-person shooters rethought with mobile and touchscreens in mind. It had an element of "on rails" restriction, but this served to make the gunplay itself the focus which proved to be a great move, in my opinion. Now developer Industrial Toys is readying the follow-up Midnight Star: Renegade, which we first caught wind of earlier this month. Midnight Star: Renegade expands the movement capabilities over the original, but still utilizes a similar control setup, and ends up falling somewhere right in-between the on-rails nature of the first and a full dual-stick first-person shooter...

GDC 2016: 'Runaway Toad' is an Endless Hopper that's Premium and Actually Has Substance

With the success of Crossy Road [Free] and its many spinoffs, it can be tough to get excited when a developer describes their upcoming game is an "endless hopper." You immediately imagine yet another Verby Noun game that doesn't do anything especially different from the many similar games flooding the market. So it was a pleasant surprise to see Runaway Toad, a game that Carter checked out at PAX South back in January, in action for myself. It's not a Crossy Road-like gameplay-wise, it's more of a platform jumper where you need to adequately estimate the angle and force of your jump from platform to platform. Runaway Toad takes that simple concept and adds in lots of interesting layers in terms of power-ups, enemies, storyline, fantastic visuals and a wonderful atmosphere...

GDC 2016: Invictus Games Shows 'Prime Time Rush', 'Drifting Schoolbus', and 'Ring Mania'

Invictus is here at GDC showing off a trio of their upcoming games. Two are vehicle-based and somewhat similar to their popular Daytona Rush [Free], while the third is a nifty digital take on the old underwater ring toss toys that I loved when I was a kid. First is Prime Time Rush which is a lane-based car dodging game where you're outrunning the cops and collecting cash from armored cars along the highway. Next is Drifting Schoolbus which is sort of similar but it's single-tap and there's really only two lanes to switch between as you drift in a variety of wacky school buses and pick up children to drop them off at school. Finally Ring Mania takes the ring tossing concept and adds a TON of levels and tricky setups for getting rings around the goal posts...

GDC 2016: 'Hyperstellar' Is an Upcoming Endless Vertical Shooter

The iPhone really is a pretty perfect platform for vertical shooters. Portrait mode fits great, and touch controls also work really well. For whatever reason, aside from the giants of the shooter scene, we really don't see too many indie shooters anymore. Well, Hyperstellar is one we got a chance to check out at GDC. Take a look at the video: ..

GDC 2016: Explore the Darkness in Puzzle Adventure 'Fire Child' from Randy O'Connor

You may know Randy O'Connor from his self-published shooter Dead End HD [$0.99] or his unique game concept collection app Distractions [Free], or perhaps you're aware that he has worked with Tiger Style in the past as lead artist on Waking Mars [$4.99] and contributing artist on both Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor [$1.99 / $1.99 (HD)] and Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon [$4.99]. Randy is one of those game developers who loves exploring new concepts, and in fact the idea for his latest game, a puzzle adventure titled Fire Child, evolved from a concept he tried out in his Distractions app. In Fire Child you play as a young girl searching for her lost toys by striking a match to briefly light up your surroundings and discover where your lost toy is at. You'll also need to avoid being hit by monsters who are lurking, and you have a limited number of matches so you'll need to be strategic about when and where you use them...

GDC 2016: Turn Yourself Upside Down in Noodlecake's Upcoming 'Caterzillar'

Back in the early days of the App Store when platformers were all the rage developers did a lot of things with gravity, rotating the camera around, and other things like that. Soosiz was an early standout, but that kind of gameplay almost felt forgotten... At least until Noodlecake showed us Caterzillar today. It feels like Soosiz in a lot of ways, but has a lot of really cool twists. Check out the video:..

GDC 2016: More Details on Noodlecake's Upcoming 'Dig Deep'

Prior to GDC, we posted a brief preview of Noodlecake's upcoming Dig Deep which was so vague it actually seemed to make people mad. Well, today we've got all the details on the game with this surprisingly rockin' hands on video of Dig Deep:..

GDC 2016: 'Chameleon Run' Is a Super Cool Multi-Color Runner From Noodlecake

While runners with a color changing mechanic aren't really anything that new, Noodlecake's upcoming Chameleon Run is another one that seems to do everything right. There's a surprising amount of depth in the game which slowly shows itself through multiple replays of individual levels which slowly unlock crazier and crazier things:..

GDC 2016: 'Super Stickman Golf 3' is Turning Out Great

Noodlecake was teasing Super Stickman Golf 3, and today we got a brief look at the future of the Super Stickman Golf-iverse. Two big things that were revealed today includes a new card system for power-ups, and the ability to put spin on the ball...

GDC 2016: Surf Forever in the Upcoming 'Endless Wave'

I think one of the best things Flappy Bird ever did for the App Store was bring about the trend of super-quick retries. The upcoming Endless Wave takes that idea and runs with it, as you're (obviously) surfing on an endless wave, which in itself is cool- But if you die, you just start over again instantly without any screwing around. Check out how it looks in action:..

GDC 2016: Kiloo's 'Spellbinders' Is Another Neat Mobile MOBA-Like

I feel like we're on the verge of describing way too many games as being MOBA-like, but it still feels vaguely appropriate here when it comes to Kiloo's upcoming title, Spellbinders. In the game, you play as different characters, commanding various unique forces on a battlefield in lane-based, strategic combat. Take a look at the gameplay video:..

GDC 2016: 'Tesla Tubes' is Coming This Week

Kiloo is on fire lately with all their various successes on the App Store and their latest likely hit, Tesla Tubes is hitting the App Store this Thursday. It has a basic puzzle mechanic involving connecting two points, like quite a few other games on the App Store, but where Kiloo's Tesla Tubes pulls ahead is in the polish department. Check out the video:..

GDC 2016: Check Out the Evolution of 'Thumb Drift' in these Early Prototypes

When sitting down to check out One More Jump from SMG Studios here at GDC, they just happened to have a build of the very first prototype of their most recent game Thumb Drift [Free] running on their demo device. I absolutely love taking a look at the "before and after" of games and seeing where they began, and after seeing this Thumb Drift prototype I knew other people might be interested in seeing the evolution of the game too. So we shot some video of the original "day one" proof of concept version of the game, as well as a second more polished version that was a few weeks into development at the time, and finally finish up with the actual release version that hit the App Store last month...

GDC 2016: 'Doomsday Clicker' Does Exactly What It Says on the Box

PikPok is no stranger to making crazy games, as they're the guys behind a ton of totally off the wall titles published by Adult Swim. Their latest game fits right in with what we've come to expect in that it's delightfully weird but incredibly well done. It's called Doomsday Clicker, and, well, the title tells you almost everything about the game. Check out the gameplay video:..

GDC 2016: Follow Up With 'Disco Party'

GDC 2016: Follow Up With 'Disco Party'

March 15th, 2016 1:35 PM EST by Eli Hodapp in GDC 2016, Upcoming Games
$1.99 Buy Now

One of the themes of this GDC seems to be meeting up with developers we saw last year who now have games which are way closer to release than we were when we saw them originally. Disco Party is one such example, and all we posted last year was a few screenshots, well, the puzzle platformer is playable now, and here's what it looks like in motion:..

GDC 2016: 'Rodeo Stampede' Combines Animal Riding and Wrangling With Zoo Management

One of the surprises of GDC so far has been Rodeo Stampede, a game that combines voxel art and animal collection with a really fun core game of lassoing animals and hopping from beast to beast in a massive stampede. The core gameplay loop involves hopping on an animal, and launching yourself up the stampede until you are on the back of an animal you don't have yet. Hang on a bit longer and you'll be able to capture it, at which point it gets added to your collection of animals and you can start out riding that same animal on your next go. Check out the game in action:..

GDC 2016: 'One More Jump' from SMG Studio is Like 'Geometry Dash' with Shifting Gravity

Following their release of Thumb Drift [Free] just about a month ago, SMG Studio is getting back to their "One More" series of twitch games which so far include One More Line [Free] and One More Dash [Free]. The latest is called One More Jump, and interestingly it's not developed in-house by SMG but instead by Premo Games with SMG doing the publishing, making it their first published title. One More Jump is a single-tap auto-running precision platformer in a similar vein as Geometry Dash [$1.99 / Free], but with a constantly changing gravity mechanic which throws an evil wrench into the already masochistic genre...

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