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GDC 2018: ‘Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots’ is a Super Polished Matching Game Battler with Character Collection

What do you do when you’re a doctor who has created a series of life-saving nanobots to fight off ailments and diseases right from inside the human body, but then those nanobots malfunction and start causing harm instead of good? Well if you’re Dr. Schplot, you’ll play a super fun matching game in order to battle against the rogue nanobots and convert them back into the life-saving little machines they were intended to be. That’s the premise behind Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots from Middle City Games, and we were able to sit down at GDC 2018 and get a hands-on demo of the game in action. I know matching games can elicit a sigh out of many mobile gamers due to the sheer number of them, but Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots features a really awesome battling mechanic and an extensive character collection and upgrading system, so I think if you’re the type that typically enjoys matching games with RPG mechanics then you’ll find a lot to like here. Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots should be launching in the next couple of months and you can see it in action in the video below.