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'Fates Forever' Review - An iPad MOBA Built to Last

'Fates Forever' Review - An iPad MOBA Built to Last

July 15th, 2014 1:00 PM EDT by Carter Dotson in 5 stars, Free, Games, iPad Games, MOBA, Prices, Ratings, Reviews
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Fates Forever [Free (HD)] is a MOBA. This isn't so much a description of the game's genre, as it is acknowledging what the game's intent is. It's a MOBA for iPad – and it's meant to make as few concessions as possible toward providing a full-fledged MOBA experience. What this means is that the game isn't really meant for pick-up-and-play sessions, but it stands out because of it: it's a limited-compromise game that can be played for hours on end on an iPad...

'Bug Heroes 2' Review - This Sequel Ant Fooling Around

A few years ago, Foursaken Media released Bug Heroes [Free], an awesome hybrid of castle defense and twin stick shooting with a healthy dose of RPG mechanics sprinkled in. What could have turned out to be an overly ambitious idea instead ended up just right, offering players tons of content with great core mechanics. Given how well it went over with iOS gamers, it was probably inevitable that we would one day be talking about the sequel, and here we are. Bug Heroes 2 [$1.99] is an excellent follow-up to the first game, maintaining the same basic elements that made the first game work so well and adding a few twists, all while piling a giant heap of new content on top and giving the whole thing a beautiful shine. The end result is just about everything a fan could want out of a sequel...

The game releases just don't stop, and Sega's Demon Tribe [Free] is another title we were anticipating but weren't expecting to just randomly appear around 4:00 AM this morning. We did a TA Plays First Look of the game yesterday, and really like what we see. There's definitely a lot of potential for something cool here-..

As you may have gleaned from our review, Solstice Arena [Free] isn't your standard free-to-play game. Sure, the game's doesn't have any up-front costs and it's loaded with premium currency IAP, but players never really encounter any pay walls and can, theoretically, play enough on their own to unlock the majority of the content in the game. Considering it's essentially a mobile MOBA, Solstice Arena focuses more on learning and practicing skills, with better players having a greater opportunity to earn valor, the standard currency in-game...

If you've ever played the likes of DOTA or League of Legends on your computer, then you've probably seen the appeal of games in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. Typically released as free-to-play games, MOBAs are fast, competitive, and have a strong following from all types of skill sets. So it's not surprise that Zynga is throwing its hat into the ring by releasing Solstice Arena [Free], an iOS MOBA looking to bring the genre experience on the go. They mostly succeed too, with Solstice Arena doing a decent job of compressing the experience into a manageable and fun ride...

OpenFeint Founder Jason Citron Reveals Upcoming iPad MOBA 'Fates Forever'

If you listen to the podcast, or any recent TA Plays video, you'll know that Brad and I are crazy about League of Legends, the free to play MOBA that's apparently the most popular game in the world right now. So, it'd only make sense that were similarly super stoked for OpenFeint veteran Jason Citron's new title, Fates Forever. Check out the single screenshot that's been released so far:..

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