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Most iOS franchises can get repetitive and old if the studio doesn't attempt to reinvigorate its own franchise. Rovio Mobile seems to have figured it out with multiple "different" iterations of Angry Birds [Free]. I really believe that Disney Interactive has their Where's My series fully realized as well with their latest addition: Where's My Mickey?  [$1.99 / $2.99 (HD)]..

Disney's 'Where's My Mickey?' Hits the App Store This Week

I've always been quite fond of Disney Interactive's mobile games simply for the fact that they're one of the few big production companies that has a dedicated mobile team. They got the ground running by acquiring Jelly Car  [Free] and buying Tapulous, the studio behind the popular Tap Tap Revenge [$2.99] series. As a team, their biggest hit so far is Where's My Water? [$1.99]. This Thursday, they're showing all their cards on the table and giving their biggest character an iOS game of its own in Where's My Mickey?..

Telltale Games is on a high after their humongously successful Walking Dead: The Game [Free]. If you doubt that, go here to check out the ridiculous amount of awards it has won. Any game that releases after a massive hit always has a harder time living up to expectations which is why it was probably smart of Telltale Games to release another one of their most popular IPs to help offset the expectations. Enter Poker Night 2 which hit the App Store Thursday night. Sadly, they seem to have fallen victim to the classic Telltale blunder of releasing iOS ports that are choppy, glitchy, and overall just not up to snuff with any other version of the game...

Zynga gets a lot of flack for a myriad of reasons. This is typically due to ripping off other people's original ideas, spamming your Facebook feed (and your friends) with useless requests, or making a game that primarily exists to be an IAP cash cow. Did the inevitable finally happen, and they actually delivered a game that at its core is designed to be fun and playable?..