The battle between Nintendo and Gamevice just took an interesting turn: the United States International Trade Commission is seemingly investigating the Nintendo Switch, according to a Reuters report. Or, at least the USITC is investigating "certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components." Which, we can confidently assume is the Switch. This is the latest development in the legal saga between Nintendo and Gamevice, with a lawsuit filed back in August of 2017.

It's worth noting that Gamevice first made the Wikipad, an Android tablet that had a large controller attachment. This was a one-piece attachment, and it doesn't have all the features that Nintendo's Joy-Cons have. However, their similarities have clearly led to a bit of a legal kerfuffle between Nintendo and Gamevice.

I doubt that Gamevice is doing this as a way to be a Grinch and shut down all Switch sales in the US, to direct all people that want a hybrid system to buy a Gamevice. What is far more likely is that Gamevice is trying to utilize its patent to get financial remuneration from Nintendo going forward. After all, why shut down an extremely popular patent-infringing product, when you could instead perhaps get a cut of every unit sold, by licensing your patent? The Switch is gonna sell a ton more units, that's a lot of money to be made! Now, Nintendo's probably not going to just give up a piece of their sales easily, so you might have to use the courts and federal agencies to get your way!

So, don't be surprised if a settlement announcement is made at some point between Gamevice and Nintendo over this patent dispute, especially if the US International Trade Commission makes a decision that hurts Nintendo. But I wouldn't expect the Switch to go off of sale for too long if it does get shut down: Nintendo's not going to let their money printer die easily. And hey, might as well use those lawyers on retainers if you got 'em. Can you imagine a world without lawyers?

Hopefully this legal wrangling doesn't cause any adverse issues to consumers, because I'm sure that the day that I want to buy an extra set of Joy-Cons will be the day this stuff gets pulled off the store shelves. Or who knows!

  • Mr. Mayhem

    Since they’re against gamers I suggest not supporting these a-holes, let’s just put them out of business since they’re more concerned with stealing money from Nintendo instead of making a quality product.

  • The Coop

    I used to really want one of these, but I'll be sure to continue to avoid them and never recommend them to any of my followers. So much potential, wasted.

  • baconcow

    Yeah, Gamevice is dumb for doing this. If they hurt Nintendo, that will hurt Nintendo's customer base. I'm a certain that many current or potential Switch owners are not going to run out and buy a Gamevice after they do this to Nintendo. Also, the Switch is not the first time Nintendo has made a controller attachment for one of their consoles (Circle Pad Pro). While not the same, the Joy Cons are also much different, technology-wise, to the Gamevice attachments.

    • unexpect3rd

      Good point on the circle pad pro. Nintendo could use that to argue the intention of the accuser, not that I know the legal mumbo jumbo in all of these.

  • redribbon

    these guys just won't stop dont they? ill never support this company for keep doing dirty things like this. their product is not even share the same looks as nswitch for God sake. if they win, then sony has to sue microsoft for using the same controller too.

  • Stephanie

    Smart move by Gamevice, i hope they win.

  • Pedro Nuno

    "certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components.". So that goes for every game system ever made.
    These lawsuits are unbelievable. Gamevice should put a lawsuit on Sony too, because they have a patent of an handheld just like the Switch.

  • Joe Black

    All of their videos now have comments and ratings disabled.

  • WiteNoiz

    Funny thing is and please correct me if I’m wrong. But I don’t recall them ever suing LinX for the Vision, which is arguably closer to the Gamevice than the Switch is and certainly closer to the Wikipad.

    Considering the Circle Pad Pro predates both the Gamevice and the Wikipad, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo have their own patents relating to this sort of thing.

    Whether any of those predate Gamevice’s patents, who knows.

    I was poised to purchase a Gamevice, but this nonsense, considering they conveniently overlooked the much more similar, but less profitable LinX device, made me change my mind and buy a SteelSeries Nimbus instead. Which I think is the better choice anyway as it can be used with more devices and won’t stop being useful when Apple change their devices in such a way as to not fit in the Gamevice.

    Still, I’ll be keeping an eye on this case, I’m curious as to how up pans out. Though my money is on Nintendo.