Sure, we're only two weeks away from the release of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for your iPhone or iPad, but what if we told you it's possible to play it right now? No, it doesn't require an Android device or even Hermione's Time-Turner.

(Not like she'd let you borrow it anyway.)

It does help if you live in New Zealand, where Hogwarts Mystery is already live in soft launch on that country's App Store (h/t to iosgaming on Reddit). Another option would be to simply create a New Zealand App Store account, if only there were resources to help you with such a task ... oh, wait, there are!

This raises the question of whether the Harry Potter RPG might show up somewhere a little closer to home before the 25th, like, say, Canada. it also reinforces the idea that we are really in the stretch run to the game's worldwide release, which is good news for Potterverse fans and mobile gaming aficionados alike.

In the meantime, if you can't pretend to be an islander for the next two weeks or simply have incredible impulse control, you can still check out the first 20 minutes of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery to see exactly what you'll be doing in your first steps to becoming a wizard or witch when the worldwide release occurs.

  • JoshieLove

    For the record - you could have had this news yesterday, if you checked your tips email that you link at the top of every page.

  • thejbe

    Hmmm, it’s just tapping?

    • David

      Tapping. Sliding. Scrolling. Like most games out there that don't have any input buttons.

  • Nick Meißner

    Game Doesnt work After iOS Update.

  • David

    It runs quite nicely on iPhone X (11.3). Text is readable, scrolling is smooth. Story brings back memories of the books and movies. The choose-your-own-adventure choices are a nice touch. If there was voice acting, it'd be perfect!

  • Qwazz Bre

    I'm not sure why they even bother softlaunching anymore since it seems an extremely common practice to circumvent it.