There are tons of games on the App Store that appeal to either more casual or more hardcore gamers. Very few play brilliantly and appeal to all kinds of gamers as well as Reigns does. Reigns [$2.99] from Devolver Digital alongwith the sequel Reigns: Her Majesty [$2.99] are fantastic experiences and two of my favourite iOS games ever. If you aren’t familiar with these games at all, imagine an RPG lite experience where your main gameplay is akin to swiping through the Tinder app. Now Devolver Digital and Reigns Announced that they have crossed 2 million players. To celebrate this, they are offering the bundle with both games at a discount. Check it out on the App Store here.

The big news is that if you bought either Reigns game at full price, you get the other one for a big discount (this varies by region) through this bundle. The way bundles work on the App Store, you end up paying the difference if you bought a single item in a bundle at a price lower than the total bundle cost. The Reigns: King & Queen Bundle is $2.99 right now for those who don’t own either game which is a big discount (even free depending on region) over the regular price. Check out our reviews of both games here and here. We also interviewed Jim Guthrie about Reigns: Her Majesty’s music. Out of all the games designed from the ground up for mobile, the Reigns games and the lost phone games are easily my favourite. You can tell that while they are available on non mobile platforms as well, they’re more immersive and play best on mobile. You can also see some other player impressions for both Reigns games on our forum threads for them here and here.

  • GreatWizard

    I got the bundle for the very low price of free, for which I'm definitely thankful. Maybe it's because I bought the original Reigns for full price?

    • ckoerner

      Same here (US) and I bought the original at full price. I’m not complaining, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Henrique Sousa

    Bought Reigns when it came out and just completed the bundle for 0.50€. That's an amazing price!

  • Barrett Bear Baker
  • Milotorou

    Never purchased any of the two so i guess I can a BOGO deal here, not bad !

  • Chris

    Free for me! Thank you for the heads up, this is an awesome gift from a great developer!

  • fring

    Huh. I would swear I picked up the original Reigns on sale for a dollar, but I still was able to download the bundle for free. It kind of felt like cheating...