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It Looks like THQ Nordic Is Bringing Adventure Strategy Game ‘This Is the Police’ to Mobile This Year

A listing on THQ Nordic’s official website under the upcoming releases tab has the adventure strategy game This Is the Police listed for a 2018 release on iOS and Android. This Is the Police originally released on PC platforms in 2016 before being ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2017. It saw a Nintendo Switch port late last year and it looks like it will finally make the jump to mobile this year. This Is the Police has you play as a Jack Boyd who is a police chief managing Freeburg. There’s a lot of micromanagement in the core gameplay as the story takes place in comic book like segments that are accompanied with some nice jazzy music. Watch the gameplay trailer for the original release below:

The interesting thing to note about the Switch release is that it supports touchscreen gameplay while in handheld mode. We’ve seen a lot of mobile games get ported to the Switch retaining the full touch control input method with the addition of traditional button controls. There have also been many games that launch on the Switch with full touch support like L.A. Noire that would be perfect on iOS. This Is the Police will no doubt play well when it does release on iOS and Android thanks to the touch control scheme already being supported on the Switch. As of this writing, there is no release date. Hopefully this gets announced soon and actually does release this year as per the listing on the releases section on THQ Nordic’s website. The listing mentions both iOS and Android versions of This Is the Police. There’s still no word on that enhanced release of Sine Mora either from THQ Nordic.