Every year we post about an amazing opportunity that you as an app developer have to be a hermit in the woods for two months. Named after the Swedish term for "the cabin", Stugan is a retreat away from the gridlock and grind of everyday life. This lakeside resort offers a verdant sanctuary in the heart of sylvan Sweden where you can cast aside your cares..... and make a game!! What is it about Stugan that gets us fired up year after year? This non-profit get together is seriously cool and amazing and unique! Not only do you get to keep the rights to the game you make there, and not only do you get to have two full months to create and soak up those amazing lake house vibes, but you will be rubbing elbows with the best and brightest stars in the mobile universe.

I'll be honest with you, I don't know why you are still reading this if you are even half-heartedly considering going. Go sign up! As a non-profit accelerator it has already delivered some amazing gems. Prism [$2.99] and Kubrain [$0.99] will both knock your socks off. So what exactly do you need to do right now? Make a pitch for a game you can make in two months. You can do this as an individual or up to a team of three. Make sure you have a video as well as a synopsis of your team and what your goals are for that 2 month getaway (mine would probably be to go swimming every day). This is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself to improve as a developer. This really should not come as a surprise when you think of a jam that wants you to focus on your craft and get away from all the distractions life serves up on a daily basis. Go. Sign. Up.

  • Walton Nuedorff


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    Oh suuuuuure! You just want to get me out there and do me dirty like in the movie Hostel. Nice try Euro’s