Ketchapp’s ‘Knife Hit’ New Arsenal Update Hits the App Store

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Back before we had wide screen deluxe cinematic experiences in the palm of our hand, mobile games used to involve very simple ideas delivered in a very simple format. This was a canvas that developers could use to distill the essence of fun gameplay down to a very pure form. Games like Ketchapp’s Knife Hit (Free) were the fare of yesteryear but the great thing about these tiny little micro games is that it is still a great format. They still provide a very concentrated burst of fun you can sit down for a few minutes of a time and this is reflected in how well Knife Hit is doing.

The premise of Knife Hit is that you have a whole bunch of knives you are trying to toss at a spinning object and get them to stick. Hitting the hilt of a previously tossed knife will end your run and force you to start over in your quest to become the best Knife Hitter ever. As you progress on towards tougher targets, some will come pre-stuck with knives, some will change speed or reverse and some will have apples sitting on them that can be hit and gathered as a currency. This app may not have the most universal appeal, but for folks that like to play with sharp objects this one has some pretty solid vicarious enjoyment, and like any good game that simulates an activity you should probably not do in real life, there is a shop full of items that can be unlocked to do the deed with. Some of them are goofy, some deadly, and we just got some great news that the arsenal of knives has just been expanded via a new update.

Browsing through the knife shop you can see the cutlery you have already unlocked as well as shadowed previews of the rest. At the moment it looks like there are 4 general categories of knives: video watching unlocks, currency unlocks, boss level unlocks, and paid knife packs. The paid knkifes seem mostly exotic with a few exceptions like a rapier, an exacto knife, and a bayonet style blade with a rifle butt handle. The currency and video unlocks range from scissors and more gun-bayonets to swordfish, walking sticks and tridents. The most bizzare from what I can see are the boss blades you can unlock simply by progressing through more and more of the game. Sausage skewers, headphones with music blasting out, and chainsaws all seem to make this the most interesting and rewarding category.

The app teases a yet to be released challenge mode which I am sure will offer unique situations with which to test your tossing skills. In the meantime the normal gameplay offers a pretty big challenge in a very fun simple format, so check out Knife Hit and its new armaments today on the App store.

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