Nintendo shocked everyone when they announced Mario Kart was coming to the App Store. Mario Kart Tour is a new mobile game that is being developed by DeNA and Nintendo for mobile platforms and it is due before March 2019. As with every Nintendo announcement, there’s a lot of speculation until they reveal more details. As of now we don’t know whether it will be a full Mario Kart experience like the console titles or an auto driving game where you manage other things. Today, DeNA CEO commented on one aspect of the monetisation for Mario Kart Tour. He said that the game would be free to start.

Now we already know that Super Mario Run wasn’t as successful as Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes. The pay once to unlock everything model was not as lucrative as the more proven gacha system we have in Fire Emblem Heroes. I can’t wait to see the actual game revealed as we head closer to release. As of now "free-to-start" implies it could be a full on free to play title or it could be something that follows the Super Mario Run model. Either way, everyone will be able to try out Mario Kart Tour for free when it hits the App Store and Google Play before March 2019.

[via Takashi Mochizuki of The Wall Street Journal.]

  • iValerio90


    • Shaun Musgrave

      DeNA is the developer behind every Nintendo mobile app so far.

  • HelperMonkey

    As long as it’s just fun cart racing, which they seem to understand, they could be printing money.
    Real-time pvp competition w/friends would seal the deal.

    • HelperMonkey

      (I’d say legit real-time competitive cart racing will make more money than Mario or Fire Emblem.)

  • TimeFlow

    What we are all hoping for: FULL Mario Kart on the IOS
    What we are going to get: Some dumb down version (like autodriving UGH)

    Truely though, if they dumb it down, it will be a rough title like Mario was

  • Nathan Reinauer

    Honestly, as long as you can steer the kart I'll be stoked. I actually really enjoyed Angry Birds Go for a while, as free-to-play and shallow as that was.

  • dLifeHD

    I'm hoping the gameplay is more like Beach Buggy Racing and the pay system is like Mario Run which it looks like it's going to be.

  • BGB

    This news is disappointing to me. I was really hoping for a solid premium game with no IAPs. Oh well, back to 3DS/Switch for me I suppose.

  • DrlRage

    Mario? Driving a car? Sounds ridiculous! I know I just time travelled here from the 80s soooo a lot of stuff might seem kinda odd, but this takes the cake! I'm going back to my time, but first I'm returning this palm-pilot phone hybrid!

  • James

    Most of Nintendo’s previous “free to start” games on 3DS either have a maximum amount of money you can spend on the game (after which it’s effectively a full, premium game), or have a maximum amount of money you can spend on them each month.