‘Lineage 2: Revolution’ gets four valentine’s day events that all begin today

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Lineage 2: Revolution (Free) is gearing up for Valentine’s Day with four new in game events. Each event will have its own rewards and some will have exclusive rewards. The Guard Captain’s Love event will give players candies on finishing quests. For every 100 candies players earn, they can move on a new map to get special items. This Raw Chocolate of Love map will have exclusive rewards and on finishing it, players can earn a Strengthening Material Box, Grade R Weapon or Armor or Accessory, and a Grade R Attribute Stone.

There will also be an exchange system for using your loyalty points that are earned by buying in game items called the Valentine’s Day Happy Loyalty Event. This will let players exchange 300 loyalty points for a Grade R Attribute Stone. There’s a limit of doing this once a week. These two events are live until February 28th.

The remaining two events go on until February 21st but they begin today as well. The Chocolate Collection Event lets players earn chocolates by beating Named Monsters or Field Bosses. These can be exchanged for exclusive gifts like Valentine’s Gift Boxes. The second event will be a login one that grants players additional Valentine Chocolate Boxes that include chocolates that can be exchanged.

Any chocolates remaining after the event will be usable as buff items or can be sold. Lineage 2: Revolution is available on both iOS and Android devices in many regions worldwide. Make sure you read our detailed review on Lineage 2: Revolution and hang out in the forum thread for it.

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