Q4 of 2017 has, without a doubt, been absolutely absurd when it comes to high quality premium game ports on iOS. However, just as we were thought we were finished with the App Store game release rush that has become tradition each holiday season, Aspyr comes out of left field with Sid Meier's Civilization VI [Free (HD)] for the iPad. Better yet, the release of the game was just non-chalantly announced on Twitter, like when your parents just casually mention late in the morning on Christmas that there's one more present behind the tree. Civilization VI was released on the Mac and PC a little more than a year ago, which is one of the many things that makes this port so exciting- There's still an actively maintained game with content in the pipeline for the Mac/PC, and the iOS version even boasts additional expansions coming in the future right in the main menu. This isn't just some port they farted out to make a little extra money on an otherwise forgotten title from other platforms. This is the real deal.

If you've never played a Civilization (or Civ) game before, they're the quintessential 4X title. In the game you'll explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate to eventually dominate the entire map via different several different victory conditions. These victory conditions are what makes Civ games so irresistible to me, as while you can win through sheer military might and obliterating every other civilization on the map, you can also win by founding a religion and convincing the whole world to believe in you. By keeping an eye on what the rest of the world is up to, you can also potentially shift gears to race towards an entirely different victory condition, all while continually expanding your empire, sucking up resources, and managing relations with other leaders.

You reach these goals by initially settling one small village and sending your warriors off to fight barbarians, while selecting which technologies and civics you'll be passively researching with each turn. Just a quick glance at the tech trees in the game will perfectly illustrate the ridiculous amount of depth to be found in Civ VI. You'll start out deciding if you're better off by researching pottery or animal husbandry, and (assuming your civilization survives long enough) eventually choosing between whether you want to research nuclear fusion or nanotechnology first. As you advance through the tech trees you'll go from training rock slingers to archers to advanced artillery and missile launchers. The curve this all follows is really awesome, and the feeling of progression you get in a game is unreal.

As far as the port concerned, it is phenomenal. We often talk on our podcast about what a bummer it is how developers need to release iOS games that work on as wide of an array of iOS hardware as possible. It makes sense, since you want a large pool of people capable of downloading your game, but it really sucks to buy brand-new hardware and have practically nothing that fully takes advantage of it. This is perfectly illustrated in our best games to play on your new iPhone series of articles, which has more or less been the same games since Infinity Blade [$5.99] was first released, with new additions being few and far between. In this situation, Aspyr made the bold move of requiring fairly recent iPad hardware. You can only play the game on an iPad Air 2, the 2017 iPad, or any iPad Pro. Honestly, I'm surprised the iPad Air 2 is included at all, as this game was fairly taxing on my PC!

On my iPad Pro, Civ VI looks the same as if I'm running it on my PC with the visuals turned down, which is somewhat expected. The whole thing is running at a lower resolution, which in my opinion is totally fine as I don't think anyone plays Civ games for the eye candy. Enemy turns do take a while, particularly in the later stages of the game, but this bothers me far less on the iPad as it did on my PC. Typically when I'm playing iPad games, I'm in my chair, and have the TV on, so looking up while the AI takes their turn isn't as big of a deal as when I'm sitting down at my PC where I really don't have much else to do other than wait. Being turn-based, there's no penalty for looking away for as little or as long as you want. Also, the game auto-saves with each turn, so you can quit at any time without losing anything.

Civ VI plays exceedingly well with touch controls, but there are some awkward things that you need to pay attention to during the initial "new to mobile" tutorial. For instance, you access tool tips by touching and holding and close sub menus via a three finger tap. Everything else is fairly intuitive, and fat-fingering when selecting units is mitigated by zooming the map in and out via familiar pinch gestures. Also, if you have a Bluetooth keyboard (or a Smart Keyboard cover), the game supports all the same keybinds and keyboard shortcuts from the PC/Mac version. Having tried it, I think it's a little weird playing this way with a keyboard and no mouse, but it's super cool that the option is there.

Honestly though, the best thing about this Civ VI port is that it's free to try. You can play the first 60 turns of the game as the Chinese empire in single player mode, without spending a dime. This will walk you through the entire tutorial of the game, and give you a considerable amount of time after that to decide whether or not Civilization is a game you're interested in. The full unlock is $59.99, although as of this writing there's a launch promotion for $29.99. Expensive for an iOS game for sure, but consider this is a real-deal port of a fairly new PC/Mac game. The only thing it's lacking is online multiplayer (it's LAN only), but other than that, everything is here. You can select any leader you want, play on "huge" sized maps, change victory conditions, and everything else.

Put simply, if you have an recent iPad, you must download Civilization VI and at least play through the free content. When I first played Civ VI on my PC a year ago, my initial reaction was "This game is amazing, but I sure wish it was on my iPad instead." Well, it's on my iPad now, and I could not possibly be happier. I really, really hope this port is wildly successful for Aspyr as I'd love nothing more than iOS gamers to send a clear sign to developers that we're more than willing to pay for these AAA games and want more of them.

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  • Rothgarr

    Has anyone been able to get this to install on their iPad? (I have an original iPad Air). I have 8.5GB of free space. At first it complained there wasn't enough space on my device, and now over and over it just says it can't be downloaded at this time.

    • John Dickerson

      The article does state "You can only play the game on an iPad Air 2, the 2017 iPad, or any iPad Pro."

      • Rothgarr

        Thanks, missed that in the article. On the app page in the app store it says it works on iPad Air so I thought I'd be good to go. Oh well.

      • Deewin

        I checked the app page to see if it was clearly listed and it is

        Civilization VI requires an iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, or any iPad Pro. Please note, Civilization VI on iPad includes the base game only, and does not include additional downloadable or expansion content.

      • Rothgarr

        You are right, it does say that. But only after having to click to show more text at the bottom of 12 paragraphs. Whereas NOT hidden in the app description it says "Compatibility: Works on this iPad" where it also says "Works with iPad Air". I get what you are saying, but this clearly shows where app store descriptions and information fail.

      • Deewin

        I would call Apple and get a refund. It's possible your credit card company will do it instead if Apple doesn't help. I use Amex and they are always awesome with their outstanding customer service.

      • Rothgarr

        Agreed! I'm not mad, just mildly annoyed. It's not a new problem, where Apple's hardware requirements don't accurately reflect the developer's official specs. At the very least, it should not say "Works with this iPad" And if there is a conflict, the developer should at least put those notes at the very top of the description -- not bury it at the bottom.

      • Visa Harvey

        The problem is I don't think developers can narrow the official compatibility scope enough, Apple don't give the tools to do so.

  • Milotorou

    What a SURPRISE !

    Bought a last gen iPad pro thai year thinking id like to do a bunch of stuff, when it came to gaming I just thought "well its a nice added bonus theres some good games out there... unfortunately nothing that will make my iPad pro feel special" and then... BOOM !

    Grid and Civilization VI happened, cant be happier ! So glad they give a 50% discount at launch too, 30USD for a game like this one is almost a steal, no regrets !

  • Chanandler

    I've played a few 60 turn rounds on my 10.5 iPad Pro, it is very good and very close to the PC version. No way it's worth $60 though, they have reduced the quality of the assets quite considerably, it looks pretty low-rez on my iPad, I'll stick with the Steam version I think!

    • DotComCTO

      The cost is $29.99 until Jan. 4.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It's the same game without online multiplayer, why should it be cheaper? This attitude is why iOS is a dumping ground for ancient ports and freemium junk.

      • Kamakazie

        Why is it so crazy to want a lower price for a lower quality version of a game?

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Unless you have a top-end gaming PC, it's not lower quality. Compared to how it ran on my PC before I got my 1080Ti, Civ VI on the iPad is much nicer. If you're on a laptop, or older machine, this is going to be an overall better experience. Either way, it's the same game. I didn't see anyone trying to argue Doom should be cheaper on the Switch because it doesn't run at 4K.

      • Kamakazie

        I would absolutely argue Doom should be cheaper on the Switch since it's missing SnapMap, not because it's not rendering at 4k.

        If Civ 6 was complete on iOS then by all means, I'd have no problem with the price.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        The only thing it's missing is online multiplayer, how much of a discount should you get for that?! This sort of stuff just blow my mind because it's like the rallying cry of the vocal iOS gamer is:

        "What do we want?!"
        "PREMIUM GAMES!!!"
        "When do we want them?!"
        "I don't know, maybe after a sale, the graphics are better on my PC, maybe if it were a buck I'd consider it..."

      • Far_Out

        I agree! People spend $30-60 bucks on a Switch game without blinking. $30 for CIV is reasonable for me. Sick of all the complaints with the premium games that it's not a buck!

      • paikinho

        And perhaps multiplayer gets added at some point or even Game Center compatibility.
        For now $30 seems ok. I used to pay 40-60 for PC games all the time back in the day before everyone got used to 2.99 for APPS etc....

      • powL

        Switch is much more flexible and far better gaming device. So for sure people spend cash easier. And beside that, you can even own the game on switch.

        While $30 might be reasonable for you, its the sale price. the price is $60.

      • Chanandler

        Fair points, I forget sometimes that this is exactly the type of game we want to be released on mobile and the only way we will ever see more is to go with it.

        So to that end I forked out the £30 and have been playing It pretty much for the whole day at work 🙂

      • powL

        really? you need a "switcharoo" as argument to safe your business as "gaming journalist"? (most gaming journalists have zero competence when it comes to games, because they are just an advertisement arm of the industry, but however). Saying something like: sure things are missing but if you don't do this you will NEVER....EVER, get WHAT YOU WANT ...really? are you a catholic priest? when you don't do this your going to hell. sure Eli. sure.

        I own a switch. I own a MacBook Pro. I own a iPad Pro. I own too much stuff thats far too expensive, and I own MANY games on switch. And far too many games to play.

        Would I pay 62€ for civ vi on iPad? Never EVER. This is not "Premium". its "Luxury" price tag. No DLCs, no online Multiplayer, super shitty AI, no crossplattform, shitty support, and no clues about updates. So yeah, play with yourself with totally stupid AI while paying more than the game has ever cost.

        And bringing up the comparison with doom is just nuts. however, as I said. Elis competence 404. no competence found. Most critics on doom were about its pricetag and being inferior. and here comes Eli, using it for comparison.

      • InTheAir

        It’s not only that people aren’t arguing for Switch games to be discounted, it’s that people are okay with Switch games being marked up from Doom’s usual sale price of $10 on Steam. How Nintendo was able to legitimize Switch by advertising it as a home console is incredible.

      • YaoYao

        Because $60 is a lot of money when there's no guarantee that the game will still run in a year, two years, ...

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Have you ever taken someone out to a $60 dinner that you quite literally pooped out the next day?

      • r10k


      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Let’s trade lives, I just took my girlfriend out to the cheapest place in town and we spent $30 on Coors Lite and gyros.

      • r10k

        All the more reason to save, then! 😉

        Look, someone is perfectly within their right to argue the value of a game. Obviously to someone like yourself who can compare it to something like the cost of certain foods, it’s a good deal. To some people, it’s not. Compared to the rest of the App Store pricing, it’s about double what it should be.

        I’m all for devs pushing the envelope a bit, but when the result is (in Australia) a year old game with no expansions or multiplayer having a brand new AAA console game pricetag, one should expect the response that it’s a bit steep.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        No for real I really want to trade, I'd love to not even be expected to go out to ultra cheap places for dinner.

      • r10k

        Too many negatives in that sentence... brain asplode...

        Just don’t eat out... or live in Indonesia/Malaysia... problem solved 😊

        I know what you mean though. Food can be crazy expensive compared to games.

      • YaoYao

        My gaming spending is up against a different standard than eating. I've bought a fair amount of iOS games, and there's been one or two freemium titles I've dropped some decent cash into. Fast forward a year or two and "poof", the servers come down or the game is no longer compatible with the latest iOS. The problem gets mentioned here on TA, talking about the loss of gaming history as games slip off the store or stop working. I understand that I'm not entitled to forever support...but I can't help it feel like I'm losing something every time this happens. It puts a negative bent on how I think about iOS gaming in general, and makes me that much less likely to want to spend more than a few bucks on a game.

      • powL

        since money is nothing for you Eli, I mean, you just poop it out mostly, how about just sending it to me?

        I can send you my PayPal address. Np.

        It's just a gyros and Coors lite....

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Sure what’s your PayPal?

    • HelperMonkey

      I get your reasoning IF you already own the game on PC.
      Otherwise, this is a hours-per-dollar gameplay bargain.

      • r10k

        Haha... it’s not even remotely close to a gameplay bargain. If you add up the potential hours of gameplay and divide the price by it, sure it seems justifiable. But compared to gaming prices worldwide and against the rest of the App Store, the high price here is just a test to see what App Store customers will pay.

        There’s a reason the App Store has flourished and the Mac AppStore is a ghost town, and it all comes down to accessible pricing. This game is ignoring that and trying to bring Mac AppStore pricing to iOS.

      • Milo

        Seriously.... accessible pricing on your 1000$ device ?

        Just buy a 200$ android phone and keep on playing candy crush then.

        Seriously, nothing in Apple's ecosystem is ''accessible pricing' friendly, its simply not the place.

      • r10k

        What are you talking about? It’s accessible in the sense that there are 2 million apps, and people buy lots of things for a little. They don’t buy 80 $50 apps. When apps are expensive people buy one or two and the rest of the store is left untouched.

        I have no idea why you decided to point out that people who buy Apple devices have money. Of course they do. But that doesn’t guarantee they’ll buy any apps. That’s why I say cheaper is more accessible.

      • Milotorou

        Thats exactly whats wrong.

        People buy a 1000$ apple device and all they do is browse their emails and play cheap 3$ flash games.

        Im happy theres games like this that dare challenge the market and see if theres any serious gamers out there, they got my money and my support.

      • r10k

        Dude I’m happy about it as well, but I think they’ve gotten the pricing wrong with this one. I welcome the middle ground, with games that are priced like Grid, The Witness and Talos. Not more than what it costs on the PC.

      • Milo

        These are games that came out years ago, as you said, they are middle ground.

        Civ VI was released last year only and is still the same price on Steam, we are geting the exact same price it is on other platform, if the price goes down on PC then i would understand the need to have it go down on iOS, but as it is now its simply legitimate.

        I love Grid and The Witness too, but i know im going to play Civ much more ^^;

      • r10k

        Cool... but the price has been as low as $20, and the iPad lacks online multiplayer...

        I mean, I take your point, but what I’m effectively saying is the devs should have realised the market and not aimed at what will be an $80 (!!) price tag in Australia...

      • paikinho

        Not all people who have apple products have a ton of money. I know lots of people with very little money who have iDevices. They choose to pool their money for a while or get cheaper 2nd hand versions. And there is plenty of fodder which is cheaply priced on the iOS app store. The thing that is great for everyone is that there is so much available that there is something for everyone. Apple has appeal to more than people with a lot of money is all I am pointing out.

  • Jeff Marty

    I downloaded and played but when I exit and return I had to start over. Does it not save unless I purchase the whole game? it is set to auto save at 1. Am I doing something wrong? It plays amazing so far.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Oh crap, it might. I honestly didn't test that aspect before buying it, I played through the demo turns in one session and forked out $29.99 for the IAP. It wouldn't surprise me if that's the case as the intention of the free content very much seems to be to give people a taste of what the game is like.

  • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

    Totally valid complaints, but I guess I just always saw the Civ games as the "mass market" 4X. Certain concessions must be made in the design of a game like this to make it approachable to folks who would otherwise be completely overwhelmed by something like Europa Universalis. Branding the game as "racist" due to obvious and intentional historical inaccuracies seems a little extreme. We are, after all, talking about a game where Teddy Roosevelt guides club-wielding warriors to launch space ships.

    • Hiraether

      Hahahaha! Yes I'm not being too critical as I still play but I would love to see some of the Neolithic "magic" still working well into the future. Who can deny the scientific reactions mass populace still have to Stonehenge, the pyramids, etc. Those "magic trinkets" moved armies across the globe for good and Ill. As we see even today, with the defacing of Buddhist statues for example, the strange way civilizations react to religious artifacts it should be implemented throughout Civilization. They have Done well for a start but it's time correct some of or issues. I agree that I do enjoy the simplicity of the game. However! The institutionalize hatred against barbarians needs to end. They weren't barbarians; they won over Rome and all the rest. Civilization and most history books need to accept and admit culture was won by the hordes of barbarians, the farmers and herdsmen, the backbone of all these supposed civilizations. No, this is a history of genocidal maniacs, not real history, not even history from the winning perspective, but from the old Roman one, where the slaves are conveniently taken care of with "workers" so that we don't have to deal with the truth of the past. It's like the game Caesar changing the "slaves" to "plebeians" and it's immoral. Slave trade should be an integral part of the game that hurts your world politics. But just like magic, like Dobby the house elf being left out of the Harry Potter movies, they cut the socially responsible parts out for wicked reasons justified by consumer index spending. Today there are more slaves in the world than ever before. It's more integral to human i story than war and utterly frightening. Darn... my Soap box broke. Heheheh. I still like Civ. :3. But with their budget they could certainly bother to hire historians.

      • lezrock


      • http://slwstr.net/ slwstr

        Never before in history so small percentage of people was slave as today.

      • DawnMoor

        you sir need to open a fucking book and shut down yer fucking internet and get yer ass in a library to read about roman history, before opening yer trap....

  • Jaime T. Smith

    It's just a computer game. Civ has never claimed to be historically accurate. If you are offended, then you deserve to offended. Take your elitist virtue signalling, get a thicker skin, and move on.

    • Saveria

      "It's just a______" is the wrong argument to make. Noone out rightly deserves to be offended - you certainly have something you believe in that you'd take offense to if it were trampled on. Nonetheless.....I think the op is going overboard with the accusations here, because there aren't any perfectly historically accurate civilizations depicted in the game. It's not being serious, so I personally give the game a pass.

    • Hiraether

      "At best, this game teaches people in a simplified way some reasonable outcomes, both good and bad, for a variety of large-scale national decisions. At worst, it is a game that tickles its players intellectually, inviting them to make decisions, see consequences, and mentally and philosophically engage with the topics therein. And that right there is enough for me to classify this game as at least partially educational.” -Sid

    • Maude St. Nubbins

      You lost me at "virtue signalling", it's just the slur of the week from people who think empathy is a sin. Please go back to your troll cave.

  • Solfoster

    You can't play as the Zulu in civ6. You can however play as the Kongolese, Nubians, and Egyptians. Maybe you should do some research instead of taking all those lessons in high-horsemanship...

    • Hiraether

      Um all those are conquering killer nations that commuted genocide gathering slaves. Who should do research? Yeah. These are the ethnocentric typical "races" of Africa that were responsible for more slave trade than the others due to deals with Europe where they rounded up smaller tribes and sold them. Think Indians scalping for the Americans in the old west. These are not good representations of Africa. If anything they're more racist, not less. It's a method of placating the minority community by making up legends to sate their anger when it's actually quite appropriate in this case and most other historical games, if not accounts in general. These were the worst civilizations in Africa and are similarly ethnocentric to the others in that they are atrocious having commuted genocide and war crimes beyond count and recrimination. Not to mention crimes against women unspeakable in the slave trade process and drug trade. Most of these slaves were heavily medicated with opiated beer to build those wonderful neoliths. Millions perished in ways we can't hope to record but must; we owe this to the dead who suffered.

      • PadreTomasito

        Sir, it's not history nor ethics class. Or maybe you would like to teach us a compassion? Are you a priest?
        One thing - "we" do not owe anything to anybody. You feel that way - it's your personal issue, not others. Don't force your inflated compassion and guilt on others.

  • Tarroc

    Ha, now I wish my iPad Air wouldn't work as good as it does...what a great game!

    • HelperMonkey

      This is how I feel.
      My PC can’t handle Civ VI, but plays plenty of excellent games that aren’t on iOS. I really prefer gaming on my current iPad mini 2, and it’s aging quite well. But.. I feel the urge to upgrade, and this only adds to that.
      I hate spending money. But I do like nice tech...
      The conflict!

      • finch85

        I’ve had an iPad mini 2 until last Month, then I sold it on eBay for 170 euro...and finally I bought an iPad 2017 for 330 euro. Totally worth it. The new model is awesome compared to the mini 2 👍

  • Deewin

    My big issue with buying an app this much is that you are not ever guaranteed to always have this game working, where on the pc you can still play civ 3 with no issues. Over the years this app might not be supported anymore and they actually pulled xcom enemy unknown on me after paying 20 bucks for it. Sometimes you can redownload it on the purchased app history but without constant updates they aren't guaranteed to work over the years. So if you are ok paying 30-60 dollars for a game that will give you a lot of hours, but not supported over time then I guess there's some value to be had there.

    • lezrock

      Very valid points.

    • Mr. Mayhem

      Exactly why I’ll never spend more than $10 on an iOS game.

    • http://fatedestinylife.com Tyson Edwards

      More than just Xcom. Bioshock came out on iOS and was dead 6 months later. There are quite a few more AAA ports that seem nothing more than cash grabs.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        This is released by Aspyr, who has been very good at maintaining their ports.

      • Milotorou

        In the end it all boils down to the devs, who have the game in their ends.

        This is why I have no issue throwing 30$ (actually 40 in my currency CAD) Aspyr's way and that 2K themselves would not even sell me a 2$ title.

    • http://borisy.net borisy

      This why it's so hard to move forward. The only time Apple had to break compatibility is with move to 64 bit and they gave devs plenty of time. I am sure such an expensive game would be updated. The problem now, everyone afraid their games will stop working in 1 year. Such transition is rare, I doubt we will have 128 bit transition in next 3 years. On other hand, with Mac or Windows, try to play older games on Windows 10 and you stuck.

      • paikinho

        I play Warcraft 2 BNE quite easily on windows 10. Works very well actually. But perhaps not all games play so well. I have not very much experience with Windows 10 except to play a few of my old games from he 90's.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition isn't a great example as you're going to be hard pressed to find a developer better than Blizzard when it comes to supporting products and fans. It's like saying, "I don't know what the problem with 20 year old cars is, my Toyota Camry is still running fine." 😉

        Most older games you need to jump through SOME hoops for. There's usually a well put together guide somewhere that's easy to follow for most popular games, but, ya'know. I do wish there was more you could do on iOS other than just wait for an update or hold on to an older device you never update.

    • paikinho

      Yep.... very valid points. It is one of the things I find very annoying. Can't play some games because the developer doesn't continue to update and it falls into the unusable category. Funny that the games I had from 1982 on my atari still played the same on my Atari 800 which I sold just this last year. I fear there won't be much longevity with the unrelenting upgrade practices which are so prevalent today.

      But the same thing happened with my Loki version of Civ 4 that I purchased so many years ago. After a couple of years it simply wouldn't play because of all of the upgrading of libraries and such in Linux. So I paid $50 bucks for a game that just didn't run after a couple of years. A precursor to the modern era I suppose.

  • Duane Locsin

    Time to separate the "mobile gamers/whales" from the console/pc gamers with the initial price points of a AAA game.

    I'm use to paying $60 for new games that launch on PC and Consoles (even Switch) and can wait even a few months for prices to go down until I purchase the titles later.

    so for mobile gamers who do not understand premium AAA games and why it seems so initially expensive compared to "Free" 2 play model games.
    There is, though it varies, a general high level of content, production, features, gameplay and expectations that you can get out AAA console/pc games.

  • lezrock

    This "review" is irritating, because its more or less a review about the port, the joy about getting the present of a relatively actual pc game and the point that it might be a good port. But there's no real game review. For example on the german amazon web store there are a lot of 3 of 5 stars which argue that the game is lovable but the enemy ai is totally off which is for them a game killer. I don't know if it's yet corrected. But the information if the game is fun and also fun in the long run, if its challenging would be of most interest to me. Especially if I'm supposed to fork over 60$.

    • Milotorou

      Reviews for the PC versions arent exactly "hard to find", just go check them out.

      Thats the reason TA reviews the PORT and not just the game itself, the game itself was reviewed by about every single reviewing media you can think of.

      • lezrock

        That's an untrue generalization of what ta does or doesn't. Just read some in depth review (jup, real reviews) by shawn musgrave about some rpg iOS ports.
        This review is rushed and more or less a first glimpse of a potential game which has flaws. I like to know those flaws beforehand and like them included in the iOS review.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        I really didn’t think it was necessary to review the game itself as it’s a year old, universally adored, and the fact that it’s good is sort of common knowledge. Typically, people are far more interested in whether or not the port is good as if the game was bad it wouldn’t have been ported to begin with.

      • Milotorou

        Wasnt talking about what TA does on all reviews.

        I was talking about why they did it that way on THIS one.

        No generalization here. I simply feel they didnt need to talk so much about a game I saw reviews all over the place 1 year ago.

  • gonif

    My god. This entire comment thread is the most insightful, glorious, productive discourse I've EVER read on this site. Complaints are acknowledged and debated. Insulting and mean-spirited commenters are corrected rather than championed.

    And not one mention of "insta-buy" to be found! Rapture!

    • Milo

      Insta-buy !

      Seriously I'm sad to see all this negativity... we finally get a super premium product, hope to see more people happy about it 🙂

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        It’s extremely disappointing.

      • paikinho

        There is lots of negativity on forums. Very much product of our times, but I am glad of the lack of Ad hominem attacks on people commenting. Refreshing.

        As to the premium product on iOS. I couldn't be happier!!! I hope it is the beginning and a couple years from now there are 20-30 prime games and they come soon on the heals of PC releases.

        For me such premium content is nice to see even if it is a year old.
        I like that I can lounge comfortably on the couch and not be in my chair at the computer keyboard.

        I vote for more of this as it fills more of my needs.

  • PadreTomasito

    If you are offended by any of those things - it's your subjective problem. Just your problem. No one else's. No one should give a f**k about someone being snowflake regarding computer game. "Offensive"... "Racist"... "Bigoted"...

    • pedro stee

      snowflakes melt, but people burn

  • chinito77

    Always curious about this series, not a Windows fan, and I'm the type of gamer who spends $5 to $20 on IAP for games I really enjoy and show support to the devs. I'll try it out and see if I like it. Will this be supported 2 years from now? For $30, who cares? I spend that much on dinner with friends. Why worry about tomorrow if you do something that you enjoy today.

    • Milo

      Seeing how Aspyr supported their past releases on iOS (KOTOR is a great example) I am not too worried.

  • Raketemensch

    How does the price affect family sharing? If I buy it, can my wife also play on her ipad without having to pay again?

  • Mike Villeneuve

    Has anyone purchased the full unlock on an iPad Air 2? I love the Civ games but my biggest concern is performance.

    The free portion only goes to turn 60 so I have no idea whether or not the game will bog down on an iPad Air 2 way down the line on, say turn 250, when both I and all the competing civilizations have full armies composed of dozens and dozens of units. Speaking of which, does the iOS version support more than one AI opponent?

    Additionally, someone else mentioned app support and whether or not a game this expensive will still be playable several years down the road is a genuine concern. I understand it’s Aspyr and they did KOTOR which I also have and love, but it’s still a concern.

    As for the price debate I also feel there should be a price differential given the differences between the iOS and PC versions. Not primarily because of the graphical differences but because of the lack of multiplayer. Come on, it is a 4x game, I want to play against others. Surely, every Civ player can’t be a solo gamer that only plays against the AI. Having said this, I understand that it’s Civ and what Aspyr is going for, so I think the full price when it reverts after the intro price would be better at $50 to account for the differences. Still expensive, but still compensates the devs for bringing a current premium game to iOS. After all, if you lived in an apartment complex you wouldn’t expect to pay the same for a non-upgraded apartment versus an upgraded apartment of the same floor plan (all else being equal). No, you’d argue the point if they tried to charge you the same (this is what actually happened to me by the way). As such, this line of thinking is not unreasonable to apply elsewhere such as in the cost of this game.

    • Milotorou

      Cant tell you about late game performance on the Air 2, but the game is the exact same except for online MP, which means you can definitely play agaisnt more than 1 AI opponent.

  • MartianLM

    Game requires iOS 11. I have an iPad Air 2 and have put off updating to iOS 11 because each full point release inevitably slows the iPad down. Will I notice slow-down between 10 and 11 on an Air 2?

  • Erroll

    The free to try is not all that cool for families. By having to buy the full game through IAP they prevent family sharing.

  • GreatWizard

    Amazing - it's the actual Civ6 game and not a watered down version. Insta-bought, and I'm really enjoying my first play through on my 9'7 iPad pro.

  • GreatWizard

    When Lao-tze established Judaism based on the pantheon of river gods in the holy city of Saint Petersburg, I knew this is a completely accurate history game, and I use it to teach history to my children, same as I learned when I played Civ2 back in 7th grade.

  • Terroantula

    No online and 30 quid..... no thanx

Sid Meier's Civilization® VI Reviewed by Eli Hodapp on . Rating: 5