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‘The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game’ Launching January 7th

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Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books are great fun (and so was the show based on the books), so I’ve been looking forward to The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, which releases January 7th. As we wrote a year ago, the game was Kickstarted with great success (made ten times the initial goal) and has been very well received on other platforms. Now, we’ll get to play it on our devices. A few words about the book series, first. Dresden Files tells the story of a poor wizard, called Harry Dresden, who works as a kind of private investigator in a world of urban fantasy and gets into all kinds of troubles with magical creatures.

In the game, you work together with other players to solve cases from the novels in what-if scenarios. You play as Harry, Murphy, Susan, Michael, and the Alphas in the first five novels, or you can take on Side Jobs in a random scenario generator based on the short story collection of the same name. The game requires strategy, teamwork, of course, and some luck, and should be a blast for those who like the books and TV show. The game will come with three expansions available for purchase, and the base game will cost $6.99.

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