Shooters on mobile can be hit or miss sometimes given the platform's limitations, especially when developers decide to go with first-person. Hero Hunters, by Hothead Games, is hoping to deliver a fun team-based shooter by focusing on third-person, cover-based action and adding some MOBA elements. Specifically, the game will come with 40 heroes, each with their own skills, of course, and you'll be able to switch between heroes at any point during the fight. With an extensive campaign mission, Hero Hunters should give those who enjoy single-player games plenty to enjoy (although not sure whether internet connection will be required).

Hero Hunters will also include competitive 5-v-5 real-time PVP, Co-op Boss Raids, Gauntlet Mode, and more, giving players plenty of ways to shoot others. The gameplay looks pretty fun in the trailer above, although we'll have to wait until we play it to know how fun it is in action. Still, it's a fun idea. If you want to pre-register for Hero Hunters, head over here so that you can claim launch rewards, including a limited-edition hero. Expect the game to hit at some point early in 2018.

  • GalDrogo

    Its available on the Sigapoer Appstore

    • Tychaeus

      Not positive, but seems like I tried this game a while ago and it was region locked; ie-you would need a vpn...could be wrong though as I run into region locked games somewhat often.

      • Tychaeus

        Nvrm, you do NOT need vpn, my bad

  • Gregan Dunn

    It's out in several soft launch countries right now. Also available in Beta on Google in the USA.

  • DrlRage

    Can someone clarify if we are Heroes being hunted or Hunters hunting heroes? Asking for a friend.