Playdead’s ‘INSIDE’ Has Released on the App Store Early and You Can Try It for Free

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Playdead’s INSIDE (Free) has released early on the App Store. INSIDE was one of the few games that tipped us off on the new Pre-order system in place on the App Store. INSIDE is free to try and there’s a single full game unlock to play the full game. It is great to see Playdead bring their newest release to iOS albeit a while after other platforms. If you pre-ordered it, you should’ve seen a notification and the game should already be downloaded on your devices. Watch the 2016 trailer for INSIDE below:

INSIDE is up on the App Store to check out right now. You can download it for free and play for a bit before having to do a single full game unlock for $6.99. We will have a full review of it very soon. Check out the forum thread for it here which will be very active over the next few days.

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