As promised yesterday, Koality Games has released their new arcade boxing game Prizefighters [Free] on the App Store. It arrived too late to make it into our weekly roundup of new iOS games, but given the sheer amount of huge games that arrived on mobile this week, I'm sure Prizefighters didn't mind having a little bit of breathing room. In case you've missed our previous coverage, Prizefighters is a boxing game with arcade-style mechanics inspired by classics such as Punch Out! but with a more simulation-style character and career progression system. Check out the official trailer.

As I've commented before, Prizefighters has an ingenious control system that basically lets anyone play the way that's most comfortable to them. Not only that but the game is perfectly playable with just one hand in portrait mode, and it also supports landscape mode and will auto-rotate on command. It's fun in either orientation and I absolutely love when games include this functionality. I have a long way to go in my Prizefighters career, but so far I'm completely in love with this game and I think any fan of boxing games will have a great time with this one. It's free to download and play with the only IAP being extra coins for speeding up progression, so there's no reason not to take this one for a spin and don't forget to see what folks in our forums are saying about it too.

Oh, and Android folks I almost forgot but Prizefighters is available on Google Play right now too!

  • Milotorou

    Thanks for mentioning the iAP was only a coin doubler.

    I was hesitating to download because if the in app purchases, if its just that ill be happy to try

  • jabbasoft

    Only played for a few mins but like the quad zone control and touch/click/hold for different actions

  • DrlRage

    How can they release a sequel to Punch Out and not include King Hippo? Weird world we're living in.

  • Muhammad Ginandjar

    I remember played old game Super K.O Boxing 2 By Glu it was the same as punch out and this one... Briliant Boxing simple but addictive 8/10