We’ve been teased with FEZ for iOS beginning in 2012 when it was announced that 2013 would see Polytron’s FEZ hit more platforms. After that things were mostly silent until mid 2013 when ports were reconfirmed. The situation after that became dire and we didn’t hear anything about a mobile version of FEZ until earlier this year thanks to another teaser. Fast forward to today and FEZ Pocket Edition [$4.99] just hit the App Store as a universal game. FEZ is all about switching perspectives to solve puzzles while listening to Disasterpeace’s amazing soundtrack. Watch the trailer below:

FEZ Pocket Edition brings Polytron’s fantastic puzzle experience to iOS. I actually borrowed a friend’s Xbox 360 when this was launching just to play it and having played it on literally every platform it released on since then, I’m more than excited to replay FEZ on iPad. The iOS port will support iOS 8.0 and later which implies it was in development for a while. On the hardware side of things you can play it on iPhone 5s and later along with iPad Air and later. This version will cost $4.99 and have no in app purchases.

  • nav1

    One of my favorite and most memorable gaming experiences ever. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Nunya Business

    Not even optimized for the iPhone X. Why isn't this a requirement for app submission?

    • http://borisy.net borisy

      Who cares, app supports iOS 8, thats what users want right?

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        lol, the 14 people out there still refusing to update because they'll lose their sick Jailbreak tweaks perhaps.

      • Danoman

        Personally I'm holding back so I can still use my older games and apps, like the one for TouchArcade.

      • jpgold

        If you have an X though, the game doesn't look as good as it should. Being optimized for the X takes advantage of the full screen. As it is now, there are black lines on either side and it looks cramped vs spread out.

        Am I still enjoying and loving the game...absolutely. Agree though that would have thought a game like this would have launched optimized for the screen on the X.

      • http://borisy.net borisy

        Sarcasm mate, I'm on iOS 11, the game absolutely should support your iPhone X. Make sure you contact developer, write review and so on. Good luck!

  • Joe Burkett

    dude the game controls like a dream on a touch screen! this is awesome!

    • MikeAK

      This was my one concern... glad to hear it!!! Will surely buy when I get home 🙂

  • QuarterSwede

    Does anyone know if it supports MFi Controllers?