Mobius Final Fantasy [Free] will have Cloud Strife join as the second Ultimate Hero. There will be new storylines from the Final Fantasy franchise and the Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration returns this month for Mobius Final Fantasy The storylines allow players to team up with Cloud to explore a Mako Reactor. The return of the Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration comes soon after the game had Lightning joined as the first Ultimate Hero. Watch a trailer for Cloud Strife in Mobius Final Fantasy below:

In addition to Cloud joining as the second Ultimate Hero, the December update brings gifts for players. There will be a special Event Stage called "Eclipse Contact" beginning December 2nd that allows players to get new items including Aerith’s Umbrella weapon. Equipping the Cloud card will boost abilities and stats in addition to letting players look like Cloud Strife during battle. There will also be Final Fantasy VII Remake cards released again through a Boosted Greater Summon. A Christmas Campaign will begin from December 17th until December 25th which sees Mobius Day bonuses come to all players along with boosted rates for card skill unlocks. There will be a prize awarded based on the number of new and returning players and these will be revealed on the Mobius Final Fantasy Holiday Page. Mobius Final Fantasy is available for free on iOS and Android devices and you can checkout the forum thread for it here.

  • James

    This game is one of the biggest gacha cash grabs on mobile platforms. As someone who played this game from Global Day 1, I'd warn everyone to stay the hell away.

    • Thomas

      I don't know man...I'm a Day One player as well, I have 7 legendary jobs, one Supreme card and have spent maybe 10 bucks total. They've been pretty generous lately for Free to Play. A lot better than other F2P games out there right now.

    • Milotorou

      Been playing since day one as well, spent 20$, got 3 supremes and a bunch of jobs.

      Ive seen much worse to be honest, the free 20k farmable magicite a month is great !

    • Writersareliars

      I'm pretty positive on the game, too. It's very grindy, but the gatcha's not bad - and they give you plenty of opportunities to do well without gatcha.

      Brace Exvius, now that was a terrible gatcha game.

  • curtneedsaride

    I’d much rather see FFXV content this year, and FFVIIR content next year. So, that probably means I’ll end up pulling Cloud! Hahah