Watch a Video Feature on Yoshiro Kimura of ‘Million Onion Hotel’ from Toco Toco Discussing His Career

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There’s a great YouTube program called toco toco that does video features with creators and artists in Japan about their inspirations and places in Japan. The latest episode features none other than Yoshiro Kimura of Million Onion Hotel ($3.99) and Dandy Dungeon (Free) fame. The video discusses his career from the beginning with moon to newer titles like Little King’s Story and the most recent ones on iOS as well. If you aren’t aware of either of those games, check out our reviews here and here. Watch the feature below on YouTube:

You can enable English or French subtitles through closed captions above since the spoken language is Japanese. Now we’ve had lengthy features with Yoshiro Kimura already and you can read both parts here and here of his massive interview with Shaun.

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