Paint Your Way to Glory With ‘Passpartout: Starving Artist’

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Have you always felt you are an underappreciated artist, one severed ear from becoming a Van Gogh? A few cubes away from a Picasso? Then maybe Passpartout: Starving Artist ($4.99) is the game for you. The just-released game is a port of the PC game with the same name, but it looks like it was made for mobile rather than a desktop computer. In Passpartout you are a French artist trying to navigate the art scene, which we all know is more complicated than Guernica in a dim-lit room. You have to paint your own work (a masterpiece to some, a child’s chicken scratches to others) and sell it to support yourself (and, apparently, your expensive wine and baguette addition).

You’ll have to charm all those connoisseurs while sticking to your (faintly drawn) principles and make a name in the art world as you unlock fancier galleries and customers. Passpartout: Starving Artist is a fun game that has many fans on Steam, and I think it will be even better on a tablet given that you can make better art. Go make your art dreams come true.

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    Passpartout puts you into the shoes of a French artist trying to navigate the beautifully confusing art scene. Paint and…
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