If you're one of the many iOS 11 holdouts still running iOS 10 to keep using things like the TouchArcade and AppShopper apps, as well as the oodles of games which were never updated to 64-bit, chances are you noticed both the TA and AppShopper apps have been super broken the last day or so (as well as a few areas on the actual site). Well, we worked out all the gremlins that were causing problems and things should now be back to normal (or as normal as they usually are, anyway).

For everyone else who has been on iOS 11 for a while now and didn't notice the app being broken, here's a brief status update on what we've been up to- As originally mentioned, the plan moving forward is to convert the site to a responsive design that looks and works great on both desktop and mobile while duplicating all of the most popular features of the TouchArcade app. Here's what that's going to look like, if you missed the tease we posted earlier:

The current state of the implementation of this redesign is we're in between the designers finishing up all of the code that makes the front end of the site work while we're combining it with all the back-end code that pulls data off the AppShopper, App Store, from our forums, and everything else. The whole process is taking a bit longer than I had hoped, and I'm super reluctant to give any kind of estimate on when this will all launch beyond "soon." I'm super excited for everyone to start using the new site, as I think it's going to be a great replacement for the app.

  • icoker

    The app will be deprecated?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I'm not sure if it'll still work at all once the new site launches. A lot of the limitations we have now are due to needing to operate inside of the bounds of a very, very 1.0 version of the API that we built for the app to talk to the site. Originally it was going to be greatly expanded, but, well, Apple.

  • Oynox Slider

    I guess this has been answered before (I'll be happy with a link to that answer as well) but why didn't you put the resources you put into the mobile website into the app instead?

    It is too late already for that, I know, nonetheless I was wondering once more about this. A website never ever has the same usability as an App I can simply tap on. I know I can make a bookmark on my homescreen but that is not the same, since Safari need to open first and then the site loads (besides the fact that every time I tap on the bookmark, a new tab is created). This whole process takes, especially on older devices, much longer than just open the app.

    One more question out of curiosity: Is it still possible to create a website which, when bookmarked to the home screen, opens in "full screen" mode, without seemingly open Safari or creating a new tab? Basically it is like an app then. But I only saw this like two times in my history of iOS Safari browsing...

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      We invested *heavily* into the app, it was originally a six figure project and meant to be the future of TouchArcade. Unfortunately, right around the same time we launched, Free App a Day, AppGratis, and similar services were running wild on the App Store and as a result Apple said no more to third party apps that recommend other apps. TouchArcade and AppShopper were unfortunate collateral damage in that decision. We tested the waters on how much functionality we could remove and still have something approved with AppShopper Social (if anyone remembers that) but the app was basically totally pointless with how much needed to be stripped out.

      I'm sure a TouchArcade app that was little more than a news reader would get approved without issue, but there's not much point in that when people can just use an RSS reader or add the site to their home screen instead, so we never updated it as to not remove the existing functionality from people who used it. Eventually the plan is to re-submit another app that's basically just a web viewer that we can send push notifications to, since we already have that infrastructure built.

      And yes that's possible and part of the new design.

      • Oynox Slider

        Well, this sounds more promising than I expected. Thank you for the insight. I have the feeling that there are some plattforms which take that approach. I began reading at a journalistic platform who later also released an app which basically was their web view + notifications. Seems to be "easily" doable with HTML5, I guess.

        Regardless, it is puzzling that there are still quite some Apps which allow price tracking and wishlisting (for example an app blatantly called "Price Tag" or one reading "Smart Wishlisht") and they still get updates, while other Apps are just ceased to exist. I guess the world isn't fair and so on...

        Best luck to you guys with the development of your website and I am really looking forward to that great bookmark to app implementation. Maybe I will actually use it then. Always wondered why not more devs used those, anyways.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Yeah, Apple’s inconsistencies in how they enforce their App Store policies has been universally irritating for anyone involved in the platform for years now. If I knew why AppZapp and similar were allowed on the App Store but AppShopper is not I’d unravel one of the major mysteries of the last decade.

  • jonwilf

    Literally all I'm waiting for is watch list functionality in ios11. Any idea if/when this is coming?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      "Soon". 😉

  • fractaltears

    Looking good guys can't wait. I'm basically waiting for this process to finish before I jump my phone to 11. Toucharcade and AppShopper have become so integral to my iOS experience over the years I just couldn't pull the the trigger till some kind of solution was in place. (Though I did update my iPad). Thanks for all your hard work.

  • maxbrickem

    thank goodness! thought the app was d/c'ed!
    keeping ios 10 solely for toucharcade

  • Enker

    Yay for app activity! I read it daily

  • HouseofG

    You are super at using the word "super", Eli! 😛 Really, really looking forward to this mobile version of the site. Life is the pits without my previously most oft used app! It was super.

  • Dethedrus

    This and Appshopper are the ONLY reasons I haven't yet jumped ship to iOS11! So I am very excited to hear the mobile site update is "soon" 🙂

  • toofinedog

    Too bad you can't "re-brand" the app as a game with the app curating hidden within to get an update through.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Thank goodness!

  • Rick McQuinlan

    Awesome news, I really miss the mobile presence since upgrading to IOS11, and even though the website is a daily visit, it just doesn't have the same ease of use as the app did. I completely understand that you're essentially at Apple's mercy when it comes to what they do and do not allow with regards to apps that aggregate other apps and incidentally step on the toes of their precious App Store, but hopefully the web viewer strategy pays off and becomes the new primary method for consuming the amazing content that you guys provide.