Annapurna seems to have a singular mission these days: Bringing absolutely incredible games to mobile. Flower [$4.99] is developed by Thatgamecompany, the same folks behind the upcoming game Sky which was revealed at the iPhone 8 and X keynote. In Flower, you control the wind with the goal of blowing a flower petal around and flying near other flowers to have your gust of wind loaded with flower petals. There's no text or dialog in the game, making it more of an "experience" game with the intentions of just making players happy while they play it. The game won a ton of awards, and was received quite well in circles that appreciate these sort of more abstract indie games.

What's more interesting to me about this release is whether or not it signals other games by Thatgamecompany hitting the App Store. I'd love it if Journey eventually was available for iOS devices. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but, either way, Annapurna is definitely a publisher to keep an eye on when it comes to iOS game releases.

  • Dr904

    FLOWER ON IOS!!! :-O No way!
    I really hope flOw and Journey also end up on Appstore.

    • ORION

      Journey is owned by Sony so nup

      • baconcow

        Flower is produced by Santa Monica Studios, which is Sony first party, so it is possible.

      • ORION

        flower is a mediocre game, Sony doesn't care about it, just like they didn't care about Helldivers when they also allowed it to be published on steam, or other small indie games that they helped create, flow was always on pc but that's even worse than flower so nobody really cares about it, but Journey is a very well known title that is associated with the PlayStation brand, if they allow it on other platforms i'll be very surprised, but even then if it's only iOS then it's not a big deal anyway really, mobile gaming is not in competition with pc or console gaming

      • baconcow

        You're probably right. But, with Sky being a timed exclusive for Apple devices (iOS/Apple TV), there may be a chance.

      • David Ian Salter

        With all due respect, it's awfully hard for me to get my head around someone describing flower as a mediocre game.

  • orangecan

    Love Journey but never played flower so I'll be giving it a pop.

    I'd happily pay again for Journey if it ever came to iOS, one of my favorites of recent years.

  • MDonovan


  • curtneedsaride

    Reminds me of a 3D version of On The Wind... which is probably just a 2D version of Flower. 😉 I'm definitely going to get this in hopes of showing my support for this dev's games. I would love to finally play Journey or flOw as well. And there are a few times when I've loved a game so much on iOS that I buy it again on console... and sometimes even again on Vita! (Dragon Fantasy, I'm looking at you.)

  • bigrand1

    Android version???

  • terryterryd

    I just hope the controls are easier than the PS Vita's implementation.... awful tilt controls.

  • dancingcrane

    1Gb. Getting it as soon as I have room!

  • Finandir

    This has been one of my favorite games on both PS3 and PS4. Definitely bought as soon as I saw this. I'm looking forward to enjoying it yet again.

    If Journey and flOw become available, they will be insta-purchase for me also.

  • GreatWizard

    Wow! This was an insta-buy . I heard so much about those games, but didn’t own a PlayStation since ps2

    The tilt to control implementation works really well

  • brianj22

    Is it fair to say Annapurna's singular mission has been to bring great games to mobile when they have brought a grand total of one game to mobile and it's just a port of a so-so playstation game?