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‘Albion Online’ “Joseph” Update Launches, Still No Word on iOS Client

Following the development of Albion Online has been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite a while, particularly with the comparisons many have made between Albion and Ultima Online, my all-time favorite game. We got a look at the tablet version last year, and while it’s presumably still in the works, the developers are plugging right along with content updates for the PC client (which really will just make the mobile launch even better when it finally hits).

In the latest “Joseph" update they’ve added a PvP arena, all sorts of PvP rewards, and a ton of new PvE content. Albion Online is turning into a super full featured MMO, I just wish I could play it on my iPad. Seems like if I’m on my PC, I’m more into roaming around in PUBG than I am grinding in an MMO. Now, if I could do that from my Lazy Boy while watching TV… then we’d really be in business.

As soon as there’s any news on the iPad client, we’ll post about it, but I figured I’d just make mention of this update to remind everyone that the developers are still plugging away.