‘Flower’ Just Hit the App Store, Published by Annapurna

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Annapurna seems to have a singular mission these days: Bringing absolutely incredible games to mobile. Flower ($4.99) is developed by Thatgamecompany, the same folks behind the upcoming game Sky which was revealed at the iPhone 8 and X keynote. In Flower, you control the wind with the goal of blowing a flower petal around and flying near other flowers to have your gust of wind loaded with flower petals. There’s no text or dialog in the game, making it more of an “experience" game with the intentions of just making players happy while they play it. The game won a ton of awards, and was received quite well in circles that appreciate these sort of more abstract indie games.

What’s more interesting to me about this release is whether or not it signals other games by Thatgamecompany hitting the App Store. I’d love it if Journey eventually was available for iOS devices. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but, either way, Annapurna is definitely a publisher to keep an eye on when it comes to iOS game releases.

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