Check the thermostat in Hades, friends. When 2K put up a notice that they were pulling down their terrific strategy XCOM: Enemy Within [$9.99] from the App Store pending a compatibility update, I was pretty sure we had seen the last of it. After all, that was sort of the same thing the publisher had said about Bioshock, at least for the first couple of years it was broken. Unlike that sad tale, this story has a happy ending. XCOM: Enemy Within is now back on the App Store, with a spiffy new 64-bit update to make it compatible with the latest version of iOS. I'm eating a plate full of crow, friends, and it has never been so tasty.

Prior to this update, XCOM hadn't been touched since December of 2014, just one month after its release. While its debut was shrouded somewhat after 2K made the controversial move of pulling the original Enemy Unknown app to sell the expanded version Enemy Within as a separate app, most players were quick to forgive due to the game's incredible quality. When the sunsetting of 32-bit apps started to become a regular topic of conversation around these parts, XCOM was one of the first games that people were worried about losing. Well, it looks like it's safe for the foreseeable future, at least.

Good on 2K for keeping to their word on this one. I imagine that the other game mentioned in 2K's update plans, Civilization Revolution 2, will also see an update soon. It does beg the question of whatever happened to Bioshock, however. Was that fix really so much more complicated than these ones? The three games apparently all had the same (now-defunct) developer, so there must have been something in particular that kept that game from being updated beyond the team going bust. Well, I suppose there are some mysteries that even UFO conspiracies can't solve. Best to just enjoy the fact that we can continue playing XCOM 'til the cows are beamed home.


  • eugenemcardle

    Downloading as we speak. In Australia

    • suman naila

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  • baconcow

    Well, there it is. Thank you, 2k.

  • Saeedkhani

    Hope we see Xcom 2 / my ipad pro 10.5 cant wait for it

    • Superdio

      i will pay even 29.99 for xcom 2 on ipad. i can't understand what are they waiting for to convert it, considering that ipad sales grew this last quarter so the market is way bigger now

      • Razvan C.

        The same here. I would gladly pay the same price for XCOM 2 on iPad as it is on Steam. I've played XCOM several times on the iPad and while the PC experience is better (bigger maps, better graphics, far better lighting, more missions, relatively better controls), there is something magical about playing XCOM on a plane or in a train.

      • Superdio

        for me the main thing is that i can't afford a console and tv or a more powerful computer to play it, so ipad would be the most simple choice to enjoy it

      • ErikVeland

        It’s the touch controls. XCOM is just absolutely perfect for it.

      • Tom Carter

        Same here, no issues with paying AAA prices for AAA games from PC/console that are high quality - strategy games in particular (like total war, Xcom) fit so well with touchscreen devices

      • Maude St. Nubbins

        Well, when game devs learn to make AAA games for a few hundred dollars, I'm sure they'll appreciate all six of you who are willing to actually spend money up front for a mobile game.

  • professionalbum

    Now all we need is that Dungeon Raid update.

  • Dailon Huskey

    Shocked! Yay update Civ II and I’m good

    • korossyl


      • Dailon Huskey

        I miss Bioshock so bad though, wish they would bring it back in some form I would even buy it again if I had to

  • merefield

    Confirmed working on iOS11 on my iPad 10.5. Smoooooth as butter! Perhaps the 64-bit build will also improve battery life too ...

  • Syrik_Zero

    2K didn't burn me, yay! (Thanks firaxis)

  • lezrock

    Awesome news! Thx 2k.

  • supervisr

    i hate the day i couldnt install touch arcade app anymore

  • Milotorou


    *CSI Miami theme playing*

  • denisvj

    Aquaria also updated to 64 Bits

  • Dragan

    Great news!

  • JosephWelke

    Huzzah!! Great news, thanks 2K! Now they just need to tell us what happened to Bioshock and all will be well. I'd prefer if they fixed it, but an explanation would be SOMETHING at this point.

  • Aaron C

    Wow... 2K supporting an app?! This is unheard of! Great news though

  • Kristof-Karolj Bodric

    Glad to hear it! I wasn't particularly "devastated" about losing some of the apps I had, but I'm always glad when a developer decides to honour their customers.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Holy carp! I did not expect this.

  • nkx

    I wonder if they will update WWE 2K anybody know

  • Cpt Garlock

    Great news. I knew they wouldn't let this amazing piece of entertainment die like that. Well done 2K

  • Chad Porter

    This makes me happy. Thanks 2K.

  • DotComCTO

    Now, I am *begging* Firaxis & 2K to reconsider supporting Ace Patrol, Pacific Skies, Pirates and Starships...but especially the Ace Patrol series.

  • boydstr

    Is there anyone that can tell me how much space I need to download and install Xcom on my phone because I deleted the game because it wasn’t playable under iOS 11 but after they updated the game I try to download the game again but time after time it start to download and when it is almost finished I get the message that the game can’t be downloaded so far I can see I have enough free space (see pic)

    I have 7GB of free space that must be more than enough?

    • Duane Locsin

      I don't think so.
      Though large games say for example 34GB, they generally recommend 40GB min to install, unpack etc...

      so you will have to choose what apps to keep and what not to keep.
      64GB isn't much HD space even for mobiles that has a lot of apps installed.

      best to also back up your device/apps for later installs if you want.

  • Superdio

    i've seen that most of the market is made by (bad, imho) f2p games, but this doesn't mean there is no space for premium games like xcom. We have grid incoming, fez, morphite that just came out. I'll tell you even more, that the market is probably so overcrowded right now with f2p games that making premium games actually let you have less competition than f2p, so i still believe is a choice that makes sense.
    And check also the fact that minecraft is in the first top 10 best grossing app in the app store since it came out, so it is a profitable market if someone knows how to take advantage of it..

  • boydstr

    Common 2K being clear isn’t that difficult😑