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‘Time Recoil’, the New Top-Down Shooter from ‘Neon Chrome’ Developer 10tons, is Heading to Mobile and Seeking Beta Testers

10tons has been making games for desktop and mobile for well over a decade, with a variety of games both casual and hardcore under their belt. However, I think most people will probably recognize them from putting out one of last year’s best games, the dual-stick shooter Neon Chrome ($6.99), which is currently prepping the release of a huge Arena DLC update. Well, a little over a month ago 10tons released a brand new top-down shooter on desktop and consoles that looks like it could be the cousin to Neon Chrome. It’s called Time Recoil, and its main hook is that as you kill enemies you’ll slow down time, giving you the chance to carefully pick off your next targets. The more people you kill, the longer you can keep time slowed down, making for some incredibly cinematic gun battles. Here’s the launch trailer for the desktop and console version of Time Recoil, so you can see what it’s like in action.

Seeing as how closely Time Recoil resembles Neon Chrome, you might be thinking to yourself “Hey, 10tons should bring Time Recoil to mobile!" Well, good news for you then, friend! 10tons IS bringing Time Recoil to mobile, and according to their post in our forums, they have a fully playable build already up and running on mobile devices. They did have to tweak the game for the mobile iteration; most significantly they turned it into just a single-stick game since you have limited ammo and will need to focus on your movement and triggering your shots as opposed to just spraying bullets everywhere you point your thumb. Here’s how an early version of Time Recoil looks on the iPad.

The switch to single-stick is interesting, as with the aiming assist they’ve built in this appears to test your ability to time and string together cool kill combos rather than worry about your aiming skill. It sounds kind of refreshing, actually. With the mobile version of Time Recoil already so close to being finished, 10tons is now in the spit and polish phase, and in order to get things tip top before release they’re seeking out a limited number of beta testers to try out the game on mobile. If interested you can sign up at this link though space will definitely be limited. Otherwise feel free to follow along with the game’s progress in our forums and once we have a solid release date for Time Recoil on mobile we’ll let you know.