With the release of iOS 11 and all the things that have followed, this week is absolutely blazing by for us at TouchArcade. We've already seen a ton of great games posted to our forums this week, but Morphite is also due out some point today as well as potentially The Witness. Far more exciting than that, however, is that today is National Gibberish Day, which I've heard is the favorite holiday of die-hard TouchArcade reader awp69 who makes a point to never miss anything we post here. As we continue to shift towards being supported more and more by our dedicated community via Patreon, we really appreciate people like this who support us and closely follow everything we do. Also, it's worth mentioning that while the TouchArcade app no longer works in iOS 11, you can still get push notifications and add us to your home screen so, like awp69, you never miss a single word we publish here on TouchArcade.

Here's everything that has been posted to our forums so far, which I believe is by no means a complete list of all the games that will be released today:

  • orangecan

    And the winner of the first iOS 11 only game I've come across so far is Micropolis!....

    • gquiller

      Ugh... (not your post, but the truth of it)

  • darkfyra

    In the canadian app store Terra Battle 2 just appeared,saying it if someone is interested.

    • athros

      It's just a Pre download - the servers won't be live until 2300 PDT per a message in the app

      • Tychaeus

        Yeah, I dowbloaded Terra Battle 2 from the US store yesterday morning. The servers aren't up untill 11 pm or 12 midnight 2nite though and when you open the app you just get a message telling you such.

      • darkfyra

        Avoided a disappointment if I downloaded it right away how I wanted when I saw it

      • Tychaeus

        I knoooow right! Lol, way to KILL my total elation Mistwalker!

    • RinoaHeartily

      I don't like this arrangement! They should allow us to download the assets and whatsnot first! The god damn game is like 5.9 mb now!
      Later people may not have access to wifi!

  • orangecan

    I have been hoping for the Witness...... but now I'm really hoping it's not 11 only too.

    • http://gquiller.tumblr.com/ gquiller

      Me too...

  • Markaroni💯

    Morphite (FPS) today rogue...also releasing on my switch,later this year trick!!!

  • RinoaHeartily

    Toucharcade shouldn't publish the release of micropolis! It's in direct competition of toucharcade!

  • boydstr

    I watch my iPhone screen like a hawk to see the announcement “Update:Morphite has launched in the AppStore”

  • araczynski

    I know this has been asked already, but now that Apple's stripped the app store from itunes, how do we help out with the referral credits to toucharcade? Looks like it'll be a looooong time before I bother updating my ipad to 11, there's a few pages of games that won't work... and i care more about my games than any new features.