‘Better Together’ ‘Minecraft’ Update Is Live, Adds Servers, Cross-Platform Play, and More

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Finally, the big Better Together Minecraft ($6.99)update has gone live, and it has brought along a ton of new features. The biggest feature is the new cross-device play that unites Minecraft players across iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Xbox One, with Switch coming down the road (sorry, no Java version), so you can now play with friends across platforms. According to Mojang, this is the first game in history to go cross-device across these different platforms. I hope this is a sign of where the industry is heading and that we get to see more games follow this route soon. And to better take advantage of this new cross-device play, Better Together is adding huge new servers where we can all meet up and play.

In order to make cross-device play easier, the update also adds Invite Links to the game, custom URLs you can generate that are unique to your Realm and will allow friends who use  them to jump straight into the world even if the owner isn’t online. The Marketplace is also getting more stuff, including existing packs from the old console version. Add to that ravines, parrots, stained glass, banners, armor stands, fireworks, recipe book, book and quill, jukebox, discs, new game rules, the ability to convert older worlds and bring them over to this one, and so much more, and you can easily see why update 1.2 is monumental. The update is live, so I’ll see you in-game.

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